2019 GOALS

wowza 2018 was a big year.
here's to 2019!!!!

1) run a race
2) make as many eco choices as I can (loose fruit nd veg, reusable cotton pads, bamboo toothbrush, keep cup, shampoo bar u get me lol)
3) travel somewhere new (im dreaming of floating around Italy on a train but also craving Greece nd Portugal, just give me some sun!!!!!)
4) start another sport
5) run 15km
6) become an actual feminist activist nd actually do something (we talking societies, articles, advocacy u know!)
7) start french again (lol)
8) volunteer somewhere in ox
9) continue to spend all my student loan on cappuccinos (because a) essay motivation nd b) gotta have some attainable goals!)
10) get another job in summer to fund fun
11) maintain a healthy mindset through term and more importantly exams (nd whilst that scholars gown would b fun, its just an elitist piece of fabric)
12) improve note taking nd be more concise
13) let it go
14) reduce expectations for myself nd others
15) fight the guilt, understand that life is hard, be at peace
16) stop buying drinks in clubs (dis is a big mood)
17) read 12 fiction books (last years goal was 26 but 1 a month feels attainable w academic reading too)
18) maintain connections nd friendships nd writing nd normal life when things are stressful

Whilst its a reasonable list, I'm content with the unknown. Completing these would be fun, but so is seeing where it takes me.

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