100 Happy Things//Part Two

Part 1 of this series can be found here. I am beginning to really value to importance of the small things. It can be so easy to get strung up on the big events of life that are expected to be good: holidays, concerts, parties etc but really taking notice of the small things has, for me, made my overall opinion of happiness much more common-and hey-who doesn't like to be happy?

51.Chocolate fingers
52. Lazy days
53. Late night conversations
54. Playing badminton
55. Old friends
56. Bike rides
57. Sleeping
58. Pastel colours
59. Mince pies
60. Comments on my blog
61. Poetry
62. Marzipan
63. Kodaline
63. Fire
64. Guinea pigs
65. Messy buns
66. Tidy rooms
67. My food being all separated on my plate
68. Volunteering
69. Spring
70. Picnics
71. Typewriters
71. Long showers
73. Making lists
74. Wrapping presents
75. Polariods
75. Satsumas (despite the smell)
76. People telling you that they miss you
77. Cafes
78. Good hot-chocolates
79. Roast potatoes
80. The countryside
81. Places of your childhood
82. Support
83. Continental markets
84. Out-of-focus fairy lights
85. Acceptance
86. Long and meaningful words
87. Chatting
89. People who smell good
90. Granola
91. Good days
92. Adventures
93. Sunsets
94. Sledging
95. Meals that go on for ages (with laughter and chatting)
96. Meaningful conversations
97. Clean hair
98. Photography
99. Giving
100. Learning

What small things make you happy?
Katie x
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Pinterest round up #2

Bikini//Clovelly//Copper//Grey Tulle//Rain// Icarus// Flowers//Hair-spo//winged liner

I spend my hours outside of revision and tedious coursework gathering a selection of musings for future inspiration. The majority of it will never happen; I will never cut my hair, I will never have perfectly freckled and tanned skin or a bikini from Anthropologie (or even an eyeliner that doesn't smudge) but that's the beauty of Pinterest, its like a little world to escape to.
Summer feels like lightyears away, something that will never come with a mountain of 22 exams before but we have slowly began to collate some ideas. I have prom (for which a grey tulle dress would be my absolute dream but for reasons that seem totally unfair to me i.e I wouldn't suit it, it ain't gonna happen) and then several trips booked with friends including a city break and a few days walking in the Lakes which should be great fun. My dad and I are going to visit the little town in Devon (shown) as it was where he spent a lot of time as a child and it looks beautiful. English sea-side towns are my favourite places.
It is also on mornings of bright, crisp sunlight and promises of spring that I feel so much inspiration to redecorate my room and take photos and go on adventures and start numerous projects but then I remind myself: I have a limited budget (what with saving up for summer) and no time, but hey, thats what you get with this time of year.
In other news: I settled down last night to watch West Side Story for what must be the 17th time? Its a pretty crappy film but kinda awesome at the same time and was much deserved after probably the coldest walk on the beach.
School is bloody flying: we have 9 (?!) week left until our exams begin and this terrifies me but I am not sure if it is genuine fear or fear because I am not scared? I feel like I've already reached my stress peak. But for now I am in two minds, one of fear for not wanting my 'school' years to be over and for it all to get serious but the other just thinking of the 19th June when I can finally relax for the longest summer ever.
Half term has finally arrived for which I have few plans. I am popping up to Edinburgh for a night at the end of the week but other than that, I aim to watch as many movies as possible and chiiill out.

On a side note, I feel this rambly, 'making no sense' kinda feel is the route that my blog will take for the next few months, it sometimes feels like a loada' pressure to photograph 'immaculate' photos and compose a post that makes me appear like I totally know what I am doing (which I don't) so be prepared to hear a whole lot more of this nothingness.
Have you any plans for the Half term? How is revision going?
Have a great week,
Katie x

Room details #2

This is part 2 of my room details series-you can find part 1 here.
This area of my room has my bed in (basically the main feature) so is where I spend a large majority of the time. It has been like this for ages and I am actually thinking of doing a re-shuffle/decorate in this corner but it will have to wait until the summer when I have more time.

I went through this crazy phase a while ago about packaging, anything prettily packaged-it was going on display. On my lower shelf I display post cards, tins, bottles and a large Pannetone tin that I keep all my letters and photos and notes and things in. I do love that shelf, its like the iconic part of my room and it wouldnt feel the same without it.
I once again have fairy lights (these stay up all year-they provide a really nice gentle light for the evenings and look so super pretty) and have made these 3D star ball things that intertwine.  The top shelf is basically a mess-we wont go there.
I then of course have my bed, with the sheets from Cath Kidston (their 'Bedtime' range is to. die. for)
and a couple of cushions (hand made again-they should actually be on my bean bag I was trying to hide the fact I couldn't find the matching pillow case).
As my bedside table, maybe some what impractically, is a yellow chair. These were initially wooden and then as part of some crazy summer project I decided to paint a load of them-it takes longer than you think-but I think the yellow looks pretty cool and adds a splash of colour. Upon this I keep a mug with hand cream, a nail file, hair bobbles etc in to remind myself to do that kinda stuff in the evening. I also have my radio (extremely retro).
Lastly, I have my magnetic board. On here is a hella' load more labels and odd things that I liked. I have some random medals (with badges on) that clatter every time I move in my bed and some photos and then just odd little bits that I collected ( just like everything in my room).

I feel like my room can't give you many ideas of things to purchase as 80% of it was made by me when I was procrastinating but I hope maybe it can give you some inspiration for future projects!

I'll be back with my final installation of my room at some point and then maybe I'll move onto other areas? Who knows.
Have a good week,
Katie x
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Recent Reads

I have been thoroughly enjoying reading recently; I always enjoy reading however I often struggle to find time during the school week when I am not exhausted or busy. However I have been spending my spare time on more productive things (more productive than Pinterest) and this has meant I have read a couple of really good books.

1. Restless-William Boyd-**** (sorry these are written in a really odd order)
It is 1939. Eva Delectorskaya is a beautiful 28-year-old Russian emigree living in Paris. As war breaks out she is recruited for the British Secret Service by Lucas Romer, a mysterious Englishman and under his tutelage she learns to become the perfect spy, mask her emotions and trust no one, including those the loves the most. Since then Eva has carefully rebuilt her life as the very English wife and mother, Sally Gilmartin-but once a spy, always a spy. Now she must complete one final assignment. Though this time Eva can't do it alone: she needs her daughters help.

This was a thrilling, quick paced novel that kept me captured right to the end. I was expecting maybe a little more drama and occasionally found it hard to keep up with where she was and who was speaking and what meant what but, from what I could work out, it followed an exciting storyline, flicking between dual narration of Eva and her daughter, both being equally entertaining tales.
Some of the characters are utterly detestable but it all adds to the atmosphere. I love anything to do with spies and it presented some interesting ideas of survival and trust which really got me thinking.
I would recommend this to anyone who loves a fast paced book with tonnes of action, doesn't mind mega long chapters and can keep up with 100 characters (its worth it I swear!)

2. Elsewhere-Gabriella Zevin **
Elsewhere is where fifteen-year-old Liz Hall ends up, after she has died. It is a place so like Earth, yet completely different. Here Liz will age backward from the day of her death until she becomes a baby again and returns to Earth. But Liz wants to turn sixteen, not fourteen again. And now that she's dead, Liz is being forced to live a life she doesn't want with her grandmother she has only just met.
How can she let go of the only life she has ever known and learn to embrace her new one? Is it possible that a life lived in reverse is no different from a life lived forward?

In all honesty, this book doesn't know what it is. On one hand it presents some really interesting ideas about death, after life and what really happens to you when you die but on the other is so full of fantasy, has little story line as you already know the plot and is so totally unrealistic that the ideas it presents cannot get you thinking. Part of it could develop some really reassuring ideas in the minds of children about death but then, the ideas are potentially too complex however the writing is too fantastical and naive to either appeal to older readers or be reassuring to children. It was a really easy read and, maybe if you were younger could be quite entertaining however, it mostly just doesn't make sense. She falls in love with someone double her age and still loves him when she is two and the lack of storyline comes from the fact that Elsewhere is essentially the same place as earth. Personally, I was quite disappointed by this book.

3. We Were Liars-E. Lockhart *****
We are the Liars. We are beautiful, privileged and live a life of carefree luxury. We are cracked and broken. A story of love and romance. A tale of tragedy. Which are lies? Which is truth?

I don't want to give anything away about this book because you need to go into it with a clear head with absolutely no idea what its about or what has happened; it all adds to the plot. I too had no idea what to expect but that is the total beauty of it. It has however become one of my favourite books, it was so emotionally captivating and gripping and the writing style is so creative. I urge anyone to read this but read little into it before and dive straight; it totally adds to the book.

What have you been reading recently? Do you have any suggestions?
Katie x

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