Pretty in pink

I am in complete lock down in terms of spending; I have 101 things I want to buy/prom coming up/adventures in the summer that I can't quite afford and so, to not be in a never ending debt with my parents, I told myself I wouldn't buy anything.
Then a Boots 3 for 2 happened.
And you know that rare occasion when Boots have a 3 for 2 and you have a list of makeup that is as long as your leg and you just end up walking out with a bag of products of which the money should have been spent on your train tickets to London? But it was so worth it.
I was relatively restrained walking out with 3 things for my friend and 3 for myself, all following a very pink theme and all equally g-o-r-g-e-o-u-s.

Maybelline Colour Show in Copper Fizz
omg. I saw this on  blog and knew I had to have it. Apparently they've been out for years (I totally missed that band wagon) but I don't care-its so beautiful. Its uber shimmery-like glittery so there's quite bad fall out but use a good primer and its fine. It has a very creamy texture, a cross between a powder shadow and more of a cream base so as you begin to blend it out (I use my fingers) it becomes really soft and almost gel like. Its quite similar to the Stila Magnificent Metals Foil eyeshadow which I dreamed about for years (but due to it being £33 for one shadow-it never happened) so this is an awesome alternative for only £4.99. This is exactly the sort of shade I hope to wear for prom as my dress is a blush/peach/nude shade and I think rose gold eyes would look all kinds of awesome.

East End Snob on its own

E.E.S and Rimmel 08

08 on it own

E.E.S top/left and 08 right/bottom

Rimmel Exaggerate Lip Liner in East End Snob
This is fabulous-seriously. Its quite a dark-ish mauvey pink (sort of 90's style) but its quite natural so definetely can be pulled off for everyday. The formula of these is incredible: they apply so smoothly and last for bloody ages. I wear this on its own as it is not drying at all but I think you could also pair it with something like MAC's Lovelorn for a slightly more muted version.  I need to pick up more!

Rimmel Kate Moss in 08
I had had my eyes on this for ages, it looked like such a gorgeous neutral browny pink; perfect for every day where. It is  a slightly less shimmery alternative to MAC Peach Blossom (i.e my favourite lipstick) so is perfect for a slightly less glowy/shimmery look. It also looks really nice over the top of the lipliner for a more bold matte lip and I will definitely be getting  a lot of wear out of this on days when I want a muted lip (every day).

So there we have it-the products that have made me desperate to dress up and wear pink (and also buy a hella lot more makeup-oops). I would urge anyone to check these 3 beauties out-you won't be disappointed!
Katie x

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Coffee Table Editions

Okay, admittedly these books don't live on a coffee table but I think we all know what I mean by 'coffee table books'; the kind that you flick through and you become engrossed in but aren't actual books/novels often with miscellaneous information that is really rather (unnecessarily) interesting. I love these kind of books; even if I don't read/use them, they provide entertainment and provoke a load of new ideas.

Cancer-Your personal horoscope//My future listography//642 things to write about//Information is beautiful

My Future Listography is filled with list prompts about your future; ranging from fancy dress costumes to people you want to keep in touch with, its such a fun way to recall things you hope to do in the future. It has some really unusual lists that you would never think of and is put together in such a nice way-its great just to look through and entertain yourself for a while.

I am, admittedly, a bit of a current affairs/general knowledge/ facts and figures nerd. I listen to the radio (as in news) every night and have to know whats going on in the world and small, pretty pointless facts really interest me. This book is full of just that; its a way of presenting facts relating to almost everything in an accessible and creative way and  I can remain engrossed for hours. It does, slightly, focus on morbid issues specifically relating to death and cancer but there's a lot of light hearted information too.

It amused me that Blogging gives me a 1 in 35,000,000 chance  of death.

I don't really believe in star signs and horoscopes however I do think tracking them is really interesting and this book is like the low down on everything relating to your star sign; who you match best with, who you should avoid and a description of your horoscope each day-its a great light read just to flick through and find out more about your star sign. You can obviously get them for every star sign I just have Cancer because I'm a July baby.

642 Things To Write About (full review here)
This has to be one of my favourites-its not necessarily  coffee table book as I suppose it could be consdered as an activity book too however I have spent many an hour flicking through this just reading all the different ideas and sparking ideas of future writing projects. I am actually writing something at the moment of which the idea was presented through this book. God send for those who, like me get stuck between the initial idea and the creative process.

In other, some what repetitive news, I am still chugging on with what feels like the endless task of revision-just 11 weeks and it will all be over (which I have very mixed feelings about). I am also planning several trips for the summer which, with me being the organiser of the group, has left me planning everything but its okay-I enjoy that kinda thing. I go on a Geography trip next week which marks a year since I overcame my biggest fear (homesickness) and should be a good craic. I then go down to Southwold, Suffolk, for the annual family meet up which, as always, will be awesome and I hope to capture some pics of my favourite place. So, as always, life is passing by in a whirlwind of work and plans which I, happily, become swept up in.
Is anything eventful happening in your lives?
I'm sorry my blog has become slightly neglected-I forget about everything other than that that is immediately around me but roll on summer and we'll get it all kick started again!
Thank you for 400 followers!
What are your favourite 'coffee table books'?
Katie x
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Rational Revision

I am a stresser and a worrier. I always have been and I suppose I always will; if we want to look at it positively, I guess it makes me more motivated and efficient but all in all it sucks. Apparently, a low level of stress is a good thing-it powers you but when it begins disrupt your day; you know it isnt healthy. I have been told by so many people that I "need to chill" (which I am totally aware of but it isnt that easy) so I have created a list of ways to think rationally about it and some simple ways to just take the edge off.

Most of worrying is caused by the phrase "What if...?" and, if we look at it literally, we could say what if to anything. What if the plane crashes?(my favourite one) What if that person hates me? What if I fail all my exams? We will never know the answer to these questions unless we do it and, if we used "What if" as an answer to anything, nothing would happen. So this is where rational thinking comes in.

1. Its not the be all and end all. Everyone worries about different things at different levels of importance but if we step back we can see that there is actually more beyond not getting the grade you wanted in an exam (or what ever)
2. Worrying is counter-productive. I often spend more time worrying about the final exam than actually revising-stupid and is not going to help me achieve any better in the exam
3. You need down time, revision can't rule your life. I let it do this-I stress about not revising when I am relaxing or out with friends (taking away from the fact I am supposed to be relaxing) and you need time away from it all to perform better. Just take a step back and forget about it for an hour, a day; however long you feel comfortable doing it for.
4. You deserve a night off. We all do; why do you think we have weekends? Allow yourself at least one night in the week (mine is Friday) where you can just chill (this also allows you to be more flexible with your timetable)
5. Learn to leave it. I found it was causing me so much stress and angst that it was ruining my productivity and ruining my non-revision time, and resulting in me having numerous numerous breakdowns. Learn to leave your work after you've finished and don't carry it (mentally) around with you.
6. Be rational. Think about it logically and rationally, is it really that important.

Ways to relax

1. Go outside-it works magic at clearing your head
2. Talk to someone or write down your worries and stresses. Rank them in order of importance
3. Don't punish yourself if you don't manage it all, we are only human after all.
4. Reward yourself
5. work to your own schedule and timetable-teachers love to remind you of how few weeks you have left but ignore them, work for yourself.
6. Mindfulness. It sounds stupid but my mum encouraged me to try it and it actually works. I listen to Bodhipaksa's 'Mindfulness for teens' (it sounds hilarious the first time you listen but trust me-it works!)

The absolute key thing is not to stress it, remember to relax.
I hope this helps and that everyone's revision is going well,
Katie x
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February Favourites

I never do regular monthly favourites; I forget to write down what I've been liking or even take notice as to what I reach for more often however, this month it feels I have been aware of a few products that I have suddenly found myself wanting to use everyday and I thought I would document them.

Space NK Life Ultimate Unwind Body Wash
This is supposed to smell of lime, green tea, cardamon and ginger but to me it just smells heavenly. Quite masculine (ish) and lemon-y (but not too lemony)-its the perfect combination of freshness and musky-ness and I could honestly smell it all day. Asides from its divine scent, it seems to do the job pretty darn well too.

Rimmel Wake Me Up Concealer
I bought this a week or two ago as I was in desperate need of a new concealer and had been hating the Collection Lasting Perfection more and more (sorry) as it was just so heavy and thick so I thought I would turn to this. Its a perfect light consistency, concealing any dark circles and actually making my skin look 10x better (something that the collection never did). I am a convert. 

Kiko Long Lasting Stick Eyeshadow
I have recently discovered my love for this after working out actually how to wear it. It is a gorgeous yellow champagne; it's quite a thick, gel like consistency (which is surprising when you see it in the crayon form) which, once blended out gives such a gorgeous highlight to the lids and a candlelight glow. I just use my finger to blend it out but you can also use it as a base for other shadows as it lasts a super long time and the colour is so versatile, it can be toned down or layered on for a bold gold. I have loved pairing this with highlighted cheekbones (using Benefit Highbeam which I totally forgot to photograph oops).

Kallo Rice Cakes
I used to hate rice cakes, like h.a.t.e them. I thought they were like eating cardboard (they still kinda are-but nice cardboard) but after recently discovering that they make the best snack ever, I have fallen in love. I like them with peanut butter, marmite, nutella; literally anything-give me a rice cake nd I'll be happy (its the small things ;) )

Kodaline-In A Perfect World

This has been my go to music choice of February-I LOVE All I want (I could listen to it for hours-but not the video-it makes me want to cry) and I like the variation between all their songs; like I've said previously, I associate music with different times/events and I know this will be remembered as my 'Early 2015' music. They're coming to Newcastle on the 16th and it makes me ridiculously sad to know a) I can't go and b) they'll actually be here but oh well.

I hope you are all well; I've had THE most productive weekend which has included making a pair of pyjama shorts (that will no doubt feature soon) and a lot of fruit eating (tied in with french, maths and other delights). The nights are getting ever lighter which excites me immensely as it means spring is nearly here, I even had my first hot cross bun yesterday which was, as usual, delish.
What have you been loving this month?
Katie x
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