Catching up

Its been over a month since I last posted so here are some updates.
As I write this its, the day before half term. I have one exam left but that isn't until the 7th June.
I have been doing my As Levels and have sat 7 exams; 2 history, 2 geography, 2 English lit and 1 French.
No exam has stumped me completely but they have been thoroughly exhausting and I really realise what people meant when they said A-levels were hard work.
I have spent innumerable sleep deprived hours writing essays and learning flashcards and analysing texts and crying and stressing for exams that don't really count but feel like the end of the world (thanks to the messed up English education system).
Other and equally mundane news, I have been doing a large amount of internet shopping (will probably show my purchases later), feeling nostalgic watching year 11's have their last days, majorly freaking out for the future, doing a Monet puzzle my mum bought me to 'relax' and being disappointed by the twist in 'We are All Completely Beside Ourselves' because imo it was bigged up way too much.

I have mixed feelings about being free from exams which is strange and complicated but am excited for summer and ch-ill-in out. I have a lot of uni open days which I don't really want to go to but feel I ought. I'm 100% not ready to even begin thinking about university but am having the prospect enforced on me from left, right and centre.
Thanks again education system***.
I've partially given up on my 'Photo a day' but should be back in the game soon and am living in a room that resembles a squat.
But I'm alive and fighting (back to the melodramatic endings also)
How have everyone's exams gone/are going??

Katie x

Currently: Listening: The Lumineers-Ophelia//Reading: We are all completely beside ourselves-Karen Joy Fowler//Loving: sleeping//Lusting: The new Macbook (gah)

***I'm properly grateful for our education system and love learning and school but the whole exams are more important than happiness is bullshit.