2018 GOALS

1. Read some Austen, Woolf and Plath (woo for feminist literature)
2. Read 26 books (including the books on my gap year TBR list)
2. Sit my driving test (I am avoiding saying 'pass' because that's too much pressure)
3. Redesign blog
4. Begin French again
5. Get a piece of writing published
6. Travel (somewhere new)–Paris, Barcelona, Budapest are some places I'm planning on going (but I've been to these before...new locations include Prague, Rome, Venice, Vienna...)
7. Travel somewhere alone (whatever travel means)
8. Do what I want rather than what I should–whilst I've got the chance; ask myself "what do I want to do today?"
9. Study a Shakespeare
10. Volunteer at another organisation/become more of an activist
11. See more theatre
12. Get another job
13. Sew more (inc. this and this)
14. Play more classical music on flute
15. Meet more blogging friends (inc. go to Brighton with Lexie and Dalal)
16. Start uni
17. Learn to say no and understand that in itself is a complete sentence
18. Write more poetry, perhaps produce a self-published anthology of poems and essays?
19. Don't reply to messages that annoy me impulsively, read the message, step away, think and then reply (then you probably won't fuck up so often and regret what you've said)
20. Don't allow my life to be ruled so strongly by guilt; its okay to eat crap, its okay to lie in bed, its okay to nap, other people's disadvantage isn't always a reason for you to be plagued by guilt

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