I spent a lot of time working. My twitter is mostly just me complaining about having to read or write another essay. I think education is one of those things I love to complain about but also love to do. But this term I am trying to do less complaining and more focussing because that should = productivity am I right?

I realised, at some point in the long slog of a morning spent in the library, that I am quite good at working. Not the outcome or the retention or the speed, or necessarily the focus, but the process of sitting down nd doing it, I think I can ace (most of the time).
SO I figured, because shit is gonna get studious soon nd u all seem to be working hard, I'd list a few things that help make a day in the library a lil more fun!
1) changing working space (lol, I can't sit for more than 2 hours in one place, it clears my head and re-centres my focus)
2) getting out before working (i always walk to a library somewhere in town because it makes me feel like I've gone to work thus somewhat accomplished)
3) drink water (not because its important but because it means u can procrastinate by weeing)
4) work in time slots (my friends think this is weird but I work, and have always worked, in hour time slots, meaning like total focus-no-phone-no-talking for an hour, then like a 10 min break, then a proper break after 2 hours, it makes me feel in control (!) and also means I don't take breaks when its not!! time!!)
5) music!!! (gets u in the zone, blocks the world out–I love bach cello suite 1, penguin cafe orchestra, the general classical radios on Spotify, or alpha concentration waves on youtube lol)
6) find ur place (over a conversation at lunch we decided our happy places to work were: in my room at 6am on essay crises days (feels so studious and hidden) and the radcliffe camera at night–find urs!)
7) cafes (working in cafes feels like a treat but ur also getting shit done!! but take headphones!! and leave ur friends at home!!)
8) work alone (or with really studious people) (at school it used to drive me mad because i'd just wanna focus, nd that just wasn't gonna happen)
9) working when ur too tired is the. most. point.less. thing. (u migh as well be drunk. go to bed.)
10) working drunk (unsurprisingly) doesn't work
11) complaining about how much work you have to do is super cathartic (nd probs really annoying for ur friends!!!) so do it to me any time
12) you can always do more so learn when to say fuck it and go to the pub!
13) find a peng view, because at least then u can procrastinate productively
14) if ur phone is that tempting hide it. I put mine in my bathroom when I am manically writing essays and it. works.
15) sun (working in the sun is just. peng. obvs not always possible but when it is, soak in those rays)

I hope all is well. This week has got progressively better, Sunday was a shit show, but since then the days have been good. I'm practising a new philosophy thinking in the moment. Yeh super basic but I find myself stressing about stuff that's happening 8 weeks away nd it just isn't healthy. I'm also trying to fight unnecessary thoughts. I inherently and irrationally worry about the most banal things (like what are we gonna have for dinner! do i have enough friends! what am i doing tonight!) nd its not chill. So here we are. Continuing January with a zen mentality.
Hope you are all well nd studying is going okay! lol!
(wow 2 blogposts in less than a week whats happened!!!)


  1. Love love love the honest studious vibes about this post. I live for my toilet breaks because it’s like a mini break in the slog of revision, but changing location as well is fab. My college has two library spaces and it’s a short walk into town for the public library. It’s great, I love the change and I’m always more productive. Also complaining is definitely cathartic. I hope this term is incred <3 lots of love,

    1. Omg aren't they the best?! Completely agree about change, its like a reset. Thank u gal hope all is going well xx

  2. Your photos are always so gorg! Also, great revision/work tips. Thinking in the moment, or 'living in the now' is a philosophy that I'm trying to adopt this year, influenced by Eckhart Tolle's 'The Power of Now', which I'm currently in the middle of. Good luck with every thing b, + yesss we love a good double-blog post haha

    Zoe xo

    1. Thanks Zoe!!! literally just random pics off my phone lol. Omg that sounds amazing, I'll have to divulge. Hope all is well gal xoxo

  3. I think I'm soooo similar in that I'm pretty good at working when it comes down to it but always feel so much worse and stressed about it before I actually sit down and do it. When I'm actually in a rhythm, I find it quite easy not to procrastinate, I just build it up in my head beforehand. Also VERY true about not bothering working when you're tired + I completely agree with knowing when to just say fuck it and go to the pub or have some time to yourself. With English and I imagine with History too, doing more is alwayssssss a possibility, there's no end to things you could potentially be doing so sometimes you just gotta not feel guilty about things and draw the line.

    P.S the pics are gorggggg.
    Imogen x

    1. Omg I get that about so many things in life, its the build up thats the problem!!! Yessss!! i could always read something else or research something else so u gotta just think NO this is enough. Thank u Imogen xoxo

  4. I hope you're good Katie, I so understand you on the love/hate relationship with work and essays etc. It's all about balance but thats soo hard to really listen to when you're up to your ears in work lol. You're doin so good tho and all your pics look so gorgeous. lots o love xo

  5. Typed out a super long comment, then my laptop decided to throw a tantrum. Going to sum it up though, firstly, I love u, secondly, endlessly proud of how hard u work, thirdly bitch!! the weeing thing!!! is me in a nut shell!!! fourthly, about to venture to a cafe to work am feeling excited but also going with friends so...not sure how productive I'll be, fifthly, shocked at the not being able to stay anywhere too long, sixthly (real word?) gunna try ur hour block techniques. x

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