I am currently indulging in the freedom of a gap year before embarking on a History degree at Oxford.
I spend my time writing, over-thinking, eating cereal and half-drinking cups of tea. I am also partial to a good groove after 1 too many jagerbombs.
I seem to have a thing for not using capital letters. And hate exclamation marks. Sorry if either of these bother you.

I am also a big fan of letter writing and if you fancy sending letters on an intermittent basis, hmu (katielhunter99@gmail.com)

This blog is an ever-evolving pocket of undecided words. In my head, this space is to document my days, a free diary to thumb through but amidst the pressures it becomes a whirlwind of words, photos, adventures and self exploration. Expect an abundance of existential crises, messy thoughts, visual musings and pointless updates.



Thank you for taking your time to comment and read my blog- I really appreciate it!
I always read and reply to comments so don't forget to check back to see my reply!