London Adventure (and Haul)

Last weekend, I and my two closest friends embarked on a rather exciting adventure to mark the end of the school term. We visited London for two nights, staying at my uncles and trying to cover as many of the touristy activites as possible in our very short stay. It was quite an adventure; three 15 year old girls trekking across London alone is quite a recipe for disaster if like us, you don't know London that well but everything ran super duper smoothly and we even felt pretty confident in navigating ourselves around the city by the time we had left. I planned to do a whole lifestyle post but you know how it is, you forget to actually take photos and then end up with some hideously weird mug shots that will be deleted straight away. So I thought, instead of paining you all with some exceptionally attractive photos of me upside down, I would combine a haul and lifestyle post and see what (moderately) adequate photos I had.

 First, on the Saturday it was boiling so we decided just to go to Greenwich park which, if you ever get the opportunity to go is lovely. It has a maritime museum, cafe, observatory (connected to the GMT where the Greenwich Meridian line runs) and other great features but as it was so warm, we just sat in the park and sunbathed. It was lovely.
 Sunday was then our shopping day. First we headed to Camden (excuse the awful photo) where we had a little look around. We didnt particuarly like Camden market as it was very touristy however a little up the way is another market called Camden Lock which we much prefered that was more arty and had a photo booth etc. Camden market is always super lively and fun and definitely worth a look around to get a different side to London.

 We then caught the tube to Covent Garden. I think this was probably my favourite place and, although we didnt spend as much time here as I would have liked, it made me definitely want to come back.

We then strolled from Covent Garden, through Soho up to Oxford street (and Regent street) which of course are a must. It was super busy as always but I loved the vibe and shopping there is always so good.
On the Monday, we caught the Clipper from Greenwich (a boat that goes along the river Thames) to the Tate modern and then wondered around and did some sites (unfortunately however my camera had died and I cleverly had not packed a charger...)
I was thoroughly impressed by my direction skills over the weekend, I have been to London a lot of times however never on my own so, along with an A-Z and some very patient friends, we found our way around with no bother and had a wonderful weekend.
Now onto the haul...
I was actually surprised with how restrained I was a bought a lot less than I thought I would. Unfortunately, there are still a few pieces I wish I picked up (that you cannot get hold of in Newcastle) and a few places I wish I had spent longer but I am thoroughly pleased with all my purchases.

 The first thing I bought was this dress from H&M. I cannot tell if this is deep navy or black but it has tiny ditsy white flowers on. It is a skater shape but is made from a chiffon-y material so isnt too figure hugging. It is quite short but I did get a smaller than usual size so I am sure it could be longer. Overall, I love this dress. Its super easy to wear and will be perfect for summer.

 I have been lustering over these sandals (well any sandals) ever since I found out that my dad had thrown awaay my old beloved ones. The great thing about these is, not only are they real leather and super comfy, they also cover your toes which makes them a lot more practical and easy to wear. I love the sort of tribal look of them and I can't wait to wear them!

Forever 21- £13.50
 The next place we went, after a long trek down Oxford Street was Forever 21. This was probably the main shop I wanted to visit however, after a long and very hot day walking around, none of us really had that much energy to look so I only came out with one thing.
I was really worried these shorts wouldnt fit as the queue for the changing room was way too long so I just threw them over my shorts (not a good idea people...) but surprisingly they are fine! I am in LOVE with the dusty pink colour- Its really flattering and tan enhancing and hopefully, makes the shorts look a little unusual.
These were really good value, its just such a shame we don't have Forever 21 in Newcastle!
 The final clothing item I purchased was this really light, cropped sweater from H&M (a different H&M to the dress). I thought this would be great for summer evenings and, as the sleeves are quite tight but the rest is loose, will look really casual with the shorts above or even over the dress.
I picked these earrings up from Camden Lock. They are handcrafted and their simplistic design is so beautiful, I will definitely be wearing these a lot. I was also in desperate need of earrings-I have a whole jar full and probably only own 2 pairs- I loose them like there is no tomorrow...

These are finally just some polaroids we took on the trip.
 I am so lucky to be able to experience such great adventures with my best friends and I just hope we can do it again soon!
Congratulations if you got to the end of that uber long post!
katie x
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