Pinterest round up #2

Bikini//Clovelly//Copper//Grey Tulle//Rain// Icarus// Flowers//Hair-spo//winged liner

I spend my hours outside of revision and tedious coursework gathering a selection of musings for future inspiration. The majority of it will never happen; I will never cut my hair, I will never have perfectly freckled and tanned skin or a bikini from Anthropologie (or even an eyeliner that doesn't smudge) but that's the beauty of Pinterest, its like a little world to escape to.
Summer feels like lightyears away, something that will never come with a mountain of 22 exams before but we have slowly began to collate some ideas. I have prom (for which a grey tulle dress would be my absolute dream but for reasons that seem totally unfair to me i.e I wouldn't suit it, it ain't gonna happen) and then several trips booked with friends including a city break and a few days walking in the Lakes which should be great fun. My dad and I are going to visit the little town in Devon (shown) as it was where he spent a lot of time as a child and it looks beautiful. English sea-side towns are my favourite places.
It is also on mornings of bright, crisp sunlight and promises of spring that I feel so much inspiration to redecorate my room and take photos and go on adventures and start numerous projects but then I remind myself: I have a limited budget (what with saving up for summer) and no time, but hey, thats what you get with this time of year.
In other news: I settled down last night to watch West Side Story for what must be the 17th time? Its a pretty crappy film but kinda awesome at the same time and was much deserved after probably the coldest walk on the beach.
School is bloody flying: we have 9 (?!) week left until our exams begin and this terrifies me but I am not sure if it is genuine fear or fear because I am not scared? I feel like I've already reached my stress peak. But for now I am in two minds, one of fear for not wanting my 'school' years to be over and for it all to get serious but the other just thinking of the 19th June when I can finally relax for the longest summer ever.
Half term has finally arrived for which I have few plans. I am popping up to Edinburgh for a night at the end of the week but other than that, I aim to watch as many movies as possible and chiiill out.

On a side note, I feel this rambly, 'making no sense' kinda feel is the route that my blog will take for the next few months, it sometimes feels like a loada' pressure to photograph 'immaculate' photos and compose a post that makes me appear like I totally know what I am doing (which I don't) so be prepared to hear a whole lot more of this nothingness.
Have you any plans for the Half term? How is revision going?
Have a great week,
Katie x


  1. Love this kind of post, and waking up every morning to a bright room filled with sunshine is my favourite thing. I love the winter but I hate winter mornings when it's so dark and I have to get up to get ready for school. xXx

    1. I totally agree-summer cannot come soon enough! Thank you x


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