What I eat in a day...

I am a lover of food; I love preparing it, I love eating it, I love photographing it. 90% of the time I eat what I consider to be healthy, I rarely eat crisps, sweets etc but if I do eat anything sugary it tends to be cake because damn does my mum make a good carrot cake. Of course, with school its hard to maintain a particularly exciting meal plan, usually sticking with the same thing for breakfast and lunch. I figured you wouldn't want to see my sandwiches so I decided to do this on a Saturday.
Here is my day in food:

Dorset Cereal Simply Nutty Museli
Alpro Almond milk

I am actually lactose intolerant but have decided, even if I wasn't, I would still drink almond milk. Its a lot better for you and tastes so much nicer in my opinion.This Dorset Cereal is my absolute favourite muesli, or even cereal, ever. Its not an exciting cereal but man its delicious.

Homemade humus/houmous(?)
Toasted Ciabatta
Asian Coleslaw
Guacamole (which you can't see because the avocados were too ripe and looked funky)
Houmous: 1 tin of chickpeas, a teaspoon of Tahini (you can use peanut butter), 1 tablespoon of olive oil, juice of 1 lemon, 1 clove of garlic, salt and pepper: put it all in a liquidizer and blend until smooth
Asian Coleslaw: cabbage + carrot grated with soy sauce, honey and ginger
Guacamole: Avocado, tomatoes, chilli, lemon, garlic

A Nakd bar*
These are great, they are so natural, with just dried fruit and nuts and taste amazing. They give me so much energy and I can last with just one of these. I got mine directly from Natural Balance Foods, a website that stocks energy foods, and blummin tasty ones at that. I got sent a selection of flavours which is great because I can try them all-so far Cashew Cookie and Pecan Pie are my favourite. They are also dairy free which for me is a win!

Supper (tea?):
Cous Cous (with pomegranate, harrissa paste, pistachios etc)
Roasted pepper and tomatoes
These are my favourite kind of meals, much lighter than other wintery meals and, in my opinion, a lot more flavoursome. I think this food is more summery which makes me sad as it reminds me that we are actually in October...
I would also in the day, eat many pieces of fruit and 3 cups of tea but I didn't think pears were that interesting to photograph.
What do you eat in a day? What is your favourite meal?
Katie x

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*I was sent these products to review, all opinions however remain  my own

Room Updates

My room had been looking a little tired, everything was similar to how it had been 2 years previous and, for someone who needs constant change, this was annoying me. Some features had also become impractical such as a desk that resulted in my doing all my GCSE revision on the floor due to it being too small, a chest of drawers that had one functioning draw and a pile of clothes that had no where to live. 
So the transformations began.

Mirror: found on gumtree, painted white
Drawers: Local pine furniture maker
Lamp: Ikea
Bowl: Tiger (£1-I wish I had bought more but I was going on the train after)
Jewelry bowl: Ikea
Camera: Fujifilm Instax 8

 For anyone with limited space or pedantic problems about room space, this is the perfect solution. I have mine drilled onto the back of my door so it takes up virtually no space.
Rail: Ikea
Hangers: Ikea

This area may require a little more explanation:
So this is where I spend 90% of my evenings, so I relish in it looking nice. A lot of the pieces you see in this area have been collected such as the motivational quotes (made by Alice), the K (made by a friend) and other little bits. I have pinned a clip up to hold papers in which I have found incredibly useful. I also went through a phase of printing every photo I took so ended up with hundreds and no idea what to do with them. I decided in order to display them and not damage my white walls, I would pin them up. Under my desk I keep pointless bits; make up packaging, magazines; things I don't really know what else to do with.
Lamp: Ikea
Desk: Ikea
Drawers: Ikea
Green boxes and file: Ikea
Chair: Gumtree (painted blue)
 K candle: Oliver Bonas
Little pegs: John Lewis (Christmas craft section)

Full room tour (a little out of date)
Post dedicated to my memory line

I hope maybe this has given you some room inspo or, if not, you got the satisfaction of looking around someone elses room-I love to be nosey.
I now need to shower as I have a party and am still in my pyjamas. Ahh
Katie x
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Catching a breath

This is not the first time I've written this or any post. Nor is it the second, or the third.
It has been so long. I have forgotten how to rhythmically type out my voice in a way that doesn't make me want to vomit in self indulgence. Its all self indulgent and narcissistic.
I like lists, they keep me concise and to the point, something I am teaching myself to be.
So, here's a list.
A list on why I am struggling to write*:
1) Time: its a lie, if I was desperate, I would find time. Although, I have spent 40 minutes trying to write and being unable to do so. And now I feel sick because I am wasting time.
2) Pressure on myself: "If I have time to write, I should have time to do extra French vocab or wider reading about the Russian Revolution" "I shouldn't have time to write"
3) Its too dark to take photos: It's not. You finish at 12:10 on a Friday and the sun is shining, take a photo.
4) The self indulgence: This is a real problem that has been swarming my mind. I don't want to bore people with the woes of my life, its not interesting, every time I sit to write an 'updates post', I get past "I started sixth form" then delete it all, it feels repulsively narcissistic**
5) Quality: None of it is good enough, I am unable to produce a single post I am happy with
6) Definition: I know what I want my blog to be, I just can't bite the bullet to take it there
7) Does anyone care?: I mean really, does anyone care if I have changed something in my bedroom, or if I bought a new top
8) Normality: I want to produce something different, do something different.

Even that anti-self indulgence list was self indulgent.
I thought time would heal this wound, apparently its leaving it gaping.

At least I will have something up on my blog, it won't seem quite as scary next time.

Katie x

*by write I mean blog but I don't like the word 'blog' for writing blogposts, ok
**I don't mean other peoples, I mean writing about my own, I enjoy reading other peoples pointless life updates, I do not enjoy making others read my own
***by saying "does anyone care" I am not fishing for compliments, no amount of reassurance will quell these fears, its a self confidence thang