01-01-16//A New Year's walk 

02-01-16//Sister (lookin moody)


04-01-16//A letter to Elise (after a lovely one from her)

05-01-16//Kings Cross Station, London

 06-01-16//Westminster Hall, Prime Ministers Questions

 07-01-16//Eyeliner struggles and a weird forehead

08-01-16//A Friday Lunch

09-01-16//A delicious breakfast that started a crap day (recipe)

10-01-16//January Afternoons

11-01-16//A parcel from India (the things in the back are poppadoms btw)

 12-01-16//Candles in the bath

 14-01-16/Crying in the snow, dying over a french exam involving a description of how to improve potatoes and a history exam. A cup of tea to celebrate A-levels.

15-01-16//A walk at Whitley Bay

16-01-16//Mum's birthday and the failed Swiss roll


18-01-16//fairylights (because all pictures of the Quayside looked crap)

19-01-16//Roger's Birthday

20-01-16//New passport pictures (ew)

21-01-16//The mess of my desk epitomises my life currently

22-01-16//Quilliam Brothers with great company

23-01-16//A moody January saturday

24-01-16//New shoes

25-01-16//Us-David Nicholls, I am enjoying it but its slightly gloomy

26-01-16//There are going to be a lot more sunset pictures

27-01-16//Mail from Elise, they always make me so happy

28-01-16//Tom Rosenthal escaping me from the realms of French

29-01-16//Our Friday night refuge, 4 hours spent eating cake, drinking tea and playing Bananagrams (same cafe, same seats and same company as last week)

30-01-16//A rubbish day so some grainy daffodils to make things brighter

31-01-16//Fabric shopping to make some cushions, blinds and a makeup bag. HOW CUTE ARE THE SQUIRRELS

- Evening's in Quilliam Brothers
- Milo's party (not pictured unfortunately)
- Prime Minister's Questions
- Good Friday lunches w/ mum
- Various trips with my 3 favourite people
- New Year's day
- Sunday washing up & dancin' to trashy music

- Tom Rosenthal
- George Ezra-Angry Hill

- David Nichols-Us

How has everyone's January been?

(please feedback on this January update-too many photos? not enough text? I wanna get it just right which will obvs take a while but feedback would be so greatly appreciated!!)

DIY// Smoothie Bowl

In London one of my favourite places to go is 26 Grains in Neal's Yard, they sell smoothie bowls and fancy porridges-of course they are delicious but tbh I just go for the aesthetics...

I decided I wanted to recreate the smoothie bowls because I'm so bored of muesli so here's how I did it (they are actually so super easy to make)

For the smoothie:
1 banana
A large handful of frozen red berries (I like them frozen because I think the fresh ones make smoothies go kinda funny)
Fruit juice (I used orange and raspberry)

I put it all in the cup thing the hand held blitzer came with and blitzed it all up until it was smooth.

Sunflower seeds
Dried cranberries
Homemade granola (see a recipe here-pluggin')
Satsuma segments

And that's it-of course you could alternate it and put anything on top really-this is just what we had in the cupboard.
A super yummy breakfast that really doesn't take that long!
Let me know if you recreate-
Katie x

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(if you go on my insta you can see what I had at 26 G)

p.s I am doing a photo a day this year (or at least I am trying to) and I was thinking about doing a round up at the end of each month on here? Idk would it be boring to see 30/1 photos every month-let me know

p.p.s my friend Elise has blog and I was trawling it today and I remembered just how amazing it is-you should deffs go and check it out here - she is literally the most creative person everrr

p.p.p.s I went to the Houses of Parliament on Wednesday to see Prime Ministers Questions and it was so so interesting and the Houses are so amazing-maybe I'll do a post about it? As I write this I'm cuddled on the chair with my dog (who's trying to push me out) and I'm very content.

ok bye

New Year's resolutions

A new year, a new set of goals and resolutions...

1. Get my hair cut short
2. Take a photo a day
3. Drink more water
4. Think positively
5. Try not the stress about small things
6. Do my Grade 5 flute exam (you've been preparing for ages, stop putting it off)
7. Spend less time online, it's toxic and I need to live in the real world
8. Beat 2015 reading total (25)
9. Blog more and about what ever I want
10.  Get outside (whether it's running, walking, cycling...)
11. Don't fail French
12. Maybe learn to drive?
13. Get a bloody job

What are your resolutions?

Katie x

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