642 Things To Write About

I received this from Alice as a kind of exchange (I bought it for her she bought it for me) and it has quickly become one of my favourite books. I love these kind of books-I have the Future Listography, Wreck This Journal and now this. I, as you probably all know, have a immense passion for writing but I never know what to write and always feel it won't be good enough.

This book is packed with creative, unique writing ideas and starters that get you thinking and allow you to write from a position that maybe you wouldnt usually.
I also hope this will give me more confidence in sharing my writing as currently, despite usually being proud in my work (be it an essay or a creative piece) the only person that I allow to read it is my English teacher. Maybe, after practising and creating something I wouldn't mind sharing-I could publish it on here-who knows.

Some of my favourites are:
- "A conversation that you weren't supposed to over hear"
- "Put your iPod on random shuffle, write down the lyric of the first song that comes on, and use it as an opening line"
- "She was crazy that way..."
- "Interview a person you know well-ask questions you've never before asked"
- "A day in the life of the person sitting next to you"
- "Write a story based on the title of your favourite song"
- "There are two kinds of people: drunks and survivors of drunks. Which are you?"
- "You walk into your bedroom and find someone going through your drawers"

I really hope to spend my free time filling this book in and hopefully it will really improve my writing and allow me to vary my style!
If you have a passion for writing, I would highly highly recommend this. It is the perfect gift!

Katie x
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Christmas Series// The Outfit

I took these photos on a 'its 8am in the morning-the only time I'll get natural light' kind of whim which could be the reason why my hair is au naturel and my face is bare.

I bought this playsuit as a last minute purchase for a party I had a few weeks ago and I love it.
It was only £12 in the sale (reduced from £48-result!) on ASOS (but part of the Motel Rocks line).
It is made from a light silky material that is very comfortable against the skin but the real star of the show is the back.
It is a deep open back with crossing straps-its quite revealing but I think adds a little uniqueness and detail which I love. I think this would be perfect for a Christmas party/evening meal as its shows some skin (it could be paired with tights) and is something a little different while remaining modest and appropriate
For the party I paired it with these black chelsea boots from Berite (last year) which are insanely comfortable despite being quite high and some simple gold jewellery.
I love this outfit and hope to be sporting it a lot more throughout the festive period!

What are your planned Christmas outfits?
Katie x
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Christmas Series//DIY Wreath*

I love getting creative at Christmas, my mum and I make an advent calendar most years and I love to make presents for my grandparents (they love that kinda thing) so my Christmas crafting started this year with a wreath.
My dad has a real thing against Christmas (I know who could?), I mean he has his reasons but still-it's Christmas?!
This means we have to leave decorating the house until as late as possible and in the most minimalistic way (which I guess this wreath isnt really) but I thought if I include natural aspects-maybe I can sway the rules? I collected the foliage from my garden but you can find holly and ivy everywhere or could use artificial leaves.

You will need;
-Holly, ivy and anything else you want (in terms of greenery)
- A wreath (I have no idea where ours is from but I am sure you can pick them up in places like B&Q)
- Wire (and wire cutters)
-Decorations: baubles, flowers, ribbon etc (all of mine is from Country Baskets who kindly set me it to create this post as a part of their Festive Face off Competition)

Firstly, I apologise for the lack of photos showing you how I actually made it-I got a bit carried away.

So, you begin by weaving your foliage into the wreath. This has little skill to it, I just wrapped it around and tucked it in. For any loose bits I wrapped wire around them to keep them in place. I did this until I was happy with the overall look and there was no brown left.

This is what mine looked like. It doesnt look complete until the decorations are on so don't worry if you aren't too happy with it.

I then attatched my decorations. I did them in a semi-symmetrical style but just what ever suits you. I love the silver and green so kept this theme but anything that you think looks good!

And that's it-so simple but I think it looks really effective and Christmassy without being too 'in your face'.

Not perfect I know but it looks rustic and homemade.
What do you like to craft at Christmas?
Katie x

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Pinterest Round Up



50's beach wear//Bretton stripes//embellished dress//deep quote #1//deep quote #2//Gold eyes//deep quote #3//Essie Penny Talk//Gallileo//hedgehog wearing a hat (possibly the cutest thing eevverrr)//Floral stairs

Pinterest is my switch off-I love it. I spend hours scrolling (99% of the time in the 'Quotes' section) dreaming of the ideal room/life and reading posts that put emotions into the most profound sentences.
I fear if someone looked through my Pinterest they would feel I was going through a tough time-I'm not I just really really like deep, thought provoking quotes.
My Textiles coursework is based on the 1950's so it has become a regular thing searching for inspo of dresses and styles. I'm not making a dress similar to this one, I am making an evening dress with an open back (similar to some of Givenchy's 50's designs) in a crimson satin but the 1950's was such an elegant feminine era.

Can we please-Bretton stripes are my favourite things ever. So simplistic yet chic, I am to blue and white stripes like a magpie is to silver. If I see something in a shop with navy and white stripes-I will run to it (if it's in Topshop my day is officially made.)
I also love her hair-some can pull fringes off so well but definitely not me (let's not go there-it was a bad time). I am having serious hair troubles- I'm so bored with it-but if I go radical I'll miss it (a lot) however at its current state it just lives in a ponytail 80% of the time.

Gold/copper is totally my thing right now. So, I used to have this mad idea that gold looked tacky on me-I have relatively olivey skin but for some reason I would steer clear of it. Recently however, I have been an avid lover of anything metallicy. Be it rose gold, copper, silver, iridescent turqouise-y shades-it's all just been catching my eye. I am now on the hunt for a gold nail varnish. I have seen Essie do a few but in a recent trek around Boots, I came out empty handed-I will not give in though. Speaking of nail varnish, I have finally submitted myself to the matte craze-I used to hate it-it gave me the whole 'nails down a blackboard' feel but I am quickly warming to it (a few may have even made their way onto my Christmas list).

Something about 'Type-written' poems just make me so happy. I have recently re-discovered my typewriter. It is the most cumbersome, ugly and industrial piece of machinery (as legend goes, it belonged to a German fighter in WWII) you have probably ever laid your eyes on, but I sort of love it. My room is all pretty kitsch but then to have this piece of German technology sitting on my desk (despite taking up all of my working space) looks rather jazzy. Anyway, its effect aside, I have spent maybe a little too long typing out letters and passages but they just look so cool. 

And finally, to end this random, jumbled post, I leave you with a picture of a baby hedgehog wearing a hat. I once saved a hedgehog on the way to school and they have since become one of my favourite animals.
Next week I am beginning my Christmas Series (containing an outfit, a (or many) DIY's, a treat and possibly some wrapping ideas) so do stay tuned.
Do you prefer Tumblr/or Pinterest? What are your updates of this month?
Katie x

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16 things I would have told myself a year ago

- Parties really are fun
-Chin up-things do get better (very soon)
-Say yes to everything (within reason obvs) because you will create some fab memories
-Enjoy year 10 because when you get into year 11 you will suddenly realise how fast it's going and will be desperate not to leave
-You will do stuff that you could only dream of doing now so chill, it will all come in time
-Just because you read TFIOS does not mean you are ill and looking up every symptom won't change anything
- Stay clear of that skirt
- Don't take things so seriously, lighten up a bit
-You will soon discover Benedict Cumberbatch and Sherlock and trust me, your life will be 10x better
-When it all gets too much, take a bath, breathe and get on with it-wallowing will only make it worse
- Time flies
- Don't depend on others too much, they have their own problems-write your worries instead
-The work load you think you have now is literally nothing
- Push yourself but not too much, it will come with time
-You have a DLSR, please god damn use it
-Go for that run (I am still reminding myself of this one)

It is insane how fast this year is going/has gone-I can't get over it. I have began reflecting over the past 11/12 months-I know its usually something people do at the end of  December but I feel this year has been a massive one for me so its going to take a whole load of brain power to process it all.
You know when you sit down and go "what new things have I done/goals have I achieved this year?"-I feel my list is getting pretty darn long which pleases me immensely because it highlights how great 2014 has been.
This time last year was the time when things took a corner, I don't want to say my life turned itself around because it didnt; that's waaay too dramatic, but I have come out of my shell, began to find myself and become an overall happier person which all in all is bloody brilliant.

And on that rather deep note I leave you with this question: What would you say to yourself a year ago?

Katie x
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