01-03-16//Geography field work-my feet were soaked by 9am.

02-03-16//This aisle makes me so happy

03-03-16//Currently reading

04-03-16//This was not a good day. The result: sitting in the shed in the rain after forgetting my keys and making my mum come home from work. A bath solved it of course.

05-03-16//Making my mother's day card

06-03-16//Baltic Art Gallery

07-03-16//An obituary of Nikita Khrushchev


09-03-16//Mirror image

10-03-16//New tea that made my day



13-03-16//Green smoothie (kale, frozen mango, celery, orange juice, ginger)

14-03-16//Re-reading my favourite book

15-03-16//English Lit.

16-03-16//After school relaxin'


18-03-16//I was trying to revise and kept getting distracted by the cat (not my cat unfortunately)

20-03-16//You can probably tell I like the beach...

21-03-16//Not only is this phone quality but snapchat quality-oh dear

22-03-16//Dad's birthday

23-03-16//Working afternoons (ignore all the shit on our table)

24-03-16//Standard revision appearance


26-03-16//Arrived in Southwold and my sister had brought fairy lights on holiday with her-it tickled me



29-03-16//A George Orwell mural on Southwold pier

30-03-16//As per tradition, we cooked bacon sandwiches on a fire on the beach

31-03-16//Home and partying

I am writing this on the 23rd April so thinking of the highlights is difficult but:

  • Southwold
  • Milo's party (future Katie, the one where you cried then danced so much your feet were bruised)
  • Stellas party
  • Packing for Lille
  • Doing some painting
  • Re-reading 'We were Liars'
  • Discovering a love for herbal tea
I wish I could remember more highlights but that will have to do.
Thanks for reading, I may be a little absent around these parts as I have torturous exams beginning 6th May with French speaking. (I am going to blab about exams-if you don't wanna read it, thats everything interesting in this post so thanks for reading!!) I have fewer exams than I did last year and have done more work but I am also more nervous and less prepared. The past week the 'teacher-pep-talk-because-I-was-about-to-break-down' count hit 3. Next week I am expecting more. I feel horifically unprepared, unmotivated and exhausted. There is no longer the slight thrill that they had last year, just a dragging weight. 
Good luck for everyone that has exams, we can complain after they are done. 
Thanks for reading,
Katie x

(sorry for the crappy amalgamation of iPhone and Nikon picss)

Lille 2016

After managing to get a fair number of posts up, I have been a little distant, however it is not without good cause.
While the easter break was supposedly for revision and relaxation, I only spent 2 nights of it at home. I spent just short of a week in Suffolk as per then a fabulou week in Lille doing work experience.

I never want to write too much in these posts but as an explanation: we went with a group of 30 A-Level French students from around the country and we all worked in different placements (me in a restuarant) to improve our french.
I returned last night and plan on spending the day in bed feeling lonely and exhausted. But the week was amazing. It was packed with jumbled french and fabulous new friends and copious amounts of steak and chips and too late nights with too early mornings and independence and ludicrously cheap mojitos and croissants and exhausting work and so many laughs. I feel experienced and excited, desperate to return to France to live in a similar way again.

All these pictures are so similar and I can't describe how much fun I had and how free we all felt but it was a fantastic experience.
There were so many things I didn't get to do in Lille (which is a beautiful city) but it just means I will have to return and speak more french.

I'll finish this crazy long post with a list of things I did do-for my recollection, as usual:

  • saw a puppy in a mans bag and nearly died of cuteness
  • ate bagels in the sun
  • went bowling at some crazily french bowling alley
  • drank numerous tequila sunrises
  • spent hours trying to communicate with the customers in the restaurant
  • explored the old town
  • went to the zoo
  • ate waffles (which I learned are 'gaufre' in french)
  • fell in love with Pull & Bear
  • sat in the grand place late at night
  • adventured to a massive carrefour numerous times
  • forgot to take knickers so had to make an emergency purchase (oh the lols)
  • lived in a bar that sold 4 euro 90 mojitos
  • obviously worked in a restuarant
  • bought macarons (that we fell asleep on on the way home)
  • spent 30 hours travelling
  • ate so much bread and butter
Katie x
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