Collecting parts of myself

I have a Peter Rabbit gift bag under my desk filled with meaningful rubbish; tickets from Paris, London, days out with friends, photobooth strips from any available opportunity (we love a good photobooth), quotes drawn on dark days and 101 postcards, either collected or gifted. In all honesty, its a bag of rubbish, but its meaningful, rather pastel rubbish that with holds my favourite memories and little parts of me that make up an odd paper representation. For years I have come home and put every momento inside my purse into this bag, thinking, one day I will display this all to remind me of this or that.
And, I finally got round to taking it out of its exceptionally aesthetically pleasing bag and stringing all the bizarre little things for the world to see.

I bought both the twine and the pegs from John Lewis and pinned a string up on my wall, pegging all the items to it.

Not only when I am working away on my desk next year, caught in the wrath of Sixth Form, can I look up to see reminders of my favourite people and happy moments, but it also pleases me immensely because of just how aesthetic it is; the pastel colours, maybe a little over used but still looking wonderfully Pinterest in a jumbled way.
Maybe I hold too much of myself and too much love in these pointless pieces of paper but it makes me happy to collect little things like this.
It also makes a lovely bag to look through.
Do you collect tickets and pieces from special days?
Katie x
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