01-01-16//A New Year's walk 

02-01-16//Sister (lookin moody)


04-01-16//A letter to Elise (after a lovely one from her)

05-01-16//Kings Cross Station, London

 06-01-16//Westminster Hall, Prime Ministers Questions

 07-01-16//Eyeliner struggles and a weird forehead

08-01-16//A Friday Lunch

09-01-16//A delicious breakfast that started a crap day (recipe)

10-01-16//January Afternoons

11-01-16//A parcel from India (the things in the back are poppadoms btw)

 12-01-16//Candles in the bath

 14-01-16/Crying in the snow, dying over a french exam involving a description of how to improve potatoes and a history exam. A cup of tea to celebrate A-levels.

15-01-16//A walk at Whitley Bay

16-01-16//Mum's birthday and the failed Swiss roll


18-01-16//fairylights (because all pictures of the Quayside looked crap)

19-01-16//Roger's Birthday

20-01-16//New passport pictures (ew)

21-01-16//The mess of my desk epitomises my life currently

22-01-16//Quilliam Brothers with great company

23-01-16//A moody January saturday

24-01-16//New shoes

25-01-16//Us-David Nicholls, I am enjoying it but its slightly gloomy

26-01-16//There are going to be a lot more sunset pictures

27-01-16//Mail from Elise, they always make me so happy

28-01-16//Tom Rosenthal escaping me from the realms of French

29-01-16//Our Friday night refuge, 4 hours spent eating cake, drinking tea and playing Bananagrams (same cafe, same seats and same company as last week)

30-01-16//A rubbish day so some grainy daffodils to make things brighter

31-01-16//Fabric shopping to make some cushions, blinds and a makeup bag. HOW CUTE ARE THE SQUIRRELS

- Evening's in Quilliam Brothers
- Milo's party (not pictured unfortunately)
- Prime Minister's Questions
- Good Friday lunches w/ mum
- Various trips with my 3 favourite people
- New Year's day
- Sunday washing up & dancin' to trashy music

- Tom Rosenthal
- George Ezra-Angry Hill

- David Nichols-Us

How has everyone's January been?

(please feedback on this January update-too many photos? not enough text? I wanna get it just right which will obvs take a while but feedback would be so greatly appreciated!!)


  1. Aw fun I love this post! You took so many lovely photos this month! This is such a good idea! So you can reflect back at the end of the year! Can't wait to see more of these x


  2. I love this post, it reminds me of a photo journal!

    1. I think that's the kinda vibe I'm trying to go for-thank you!x

  3. The sky in the picture of Whitley Bay looks so beautiful! Happy (kinda late) birthday to your mum by the way! These sorts of posts are always so cool to look back on in the future!
    Aleeha xXx

  4. This was such a lovely post filled with such lovely pictures. Really enjoyed it :)

    1. Thank you! Be sure to check out the next 12 months!!x


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