01-03-16//Geography field work-my feet were soaked by 9am.

02-03-16//This aisle makes me so happy

03-03-16//Currently reading

04-03-16//This was not a good day. The result: sitting in the shed in the rain after forgetting my keys and making my mum come home from work. A bath solved it of course.

05-03-16//Making my mother's day card

06-03-16//Baltic Art Gallery

07-03-16//An obituary of Nikita Khrushchev


09-03-16//Mirror image

10-03-16//New tea that made my day



13-03-16//Green smoothie (kale, frozen mango, celery, orange juice, ginger)

14-03-16//Re-reading my favourite book

15-03-16//English Lit.

16-03-16//After school relaxin'


18-03-16//I was trying to revise and kept getting distracted by the cat (not my cat unfortunately)

20-03-16//You can probably tell I like the beach...

21-03-16//Not only is this phone quality but snapchat quality-oh dear

22-03-16//Dad's birthday

23-03-16//Working afternoons (ignore all the shit on our table)

24-03-16//Standard revision appearance


26-03-16//Arrived in Southwold and my sister had brought fairy lights on holiday with her-it tickled me



29-03-16//A George Orwell mural on Southwold pier

30-03-16//As per tradition, we cooked bacon sandwiches on a fire on the beach

31-03-16//Home and partying

I am writing this on the 23rd April so thinking of the highlights is difficult but:

  • Southwold
  • Milo's party (future Katie, the one where you cried then danced so much your feet were bruised)
  • Stellas party
  • Packing for Lille
  • Doing some painting
  • Re-reading 'We were Liars'
  • Discovering a love for herbal tea
I wish I could remember more highlights but that will have to do.
Thanks for reading, I may be a little absent around these parts as I have torturous exams beginning 6th May with French speaking. (I am going to blab about exams-if you don't wanna read it, thats everything interesting in this post so thanks for reading!!) I have fewer exams than I did last year and have done more work but I am also more nervous and less prepared. The past week the 'teacher-pep-talk-because-I-was-about-to-break-down' count hit 3. Next week I am expecting more. I feel horifically unprepared, unmotivated and exhausted. There is no longer the slight thrill that they had last year, just a dragging weight. 
Good luck for everyone that has exams, we can complain after they are done. 
Thanks for reading,
Katie x

(sorry for the crappy amalgamation of iPhone and Nikon picss)


  1. I loved every moment of this :) especially the variety of pictures from landscapes to cats!!

    Alice //

  2. Great post!! Sounds like you had a lovely March! Good luck with your exams and revision X

    Thrifty vintage fashion

  3. I love we were liars too! I really want to read Malala's book, let me know what you think of it!
    Aleeha xXx


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