Written diary: An adventure

A peaceful and invigorating (seems sort of oxymoronic?) adventure planned at 11:30pm the night previous. Travelled to a seasidey village on the train about 30 miles from home and spent the lavliest of days eating ice creams (despite the nausea) and feeling the warm(!) sand between our toes and paddling in the freezing northern sea and doing yoga and chatting and reading and sunbathing and discussing how perfect the day was.
It really was.
It wasn't anything that significant or exciting but it felt adventurous and out of the ordinary and aren't those memories always the best?
We returned with red faces (admittedly, we did not anticipate such sunny weather), sandy shoes and a happy sense of freedom.
I hope for many more of these days.
*I have tried to do a video diary of this day which will be more interesting as I was more focused on videoing but we'll see what happens to that*

Currently: Listening: Nought new//Reading: The Sisters Brothers//Loving: friends, beaches not being at school or having exams//Lusting: not much-maybe more days like this?

p.s, in random news I've found a word that sums my feelings up sometimes...

Ennui: noun: a feeling of listlessness and dissatisfaction arising from a lack of occupation or excitement..

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  1. A video diary would be so cool!
    Aleeha xXx


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