HOW TO: Journalling

A summer project of mine has/will be creating a journal. Heavily inspired by Pinterest, it will be a documentation of-well everything. I'm an absolute novice in this area but spent hours collaging etc as a child.
I thought I would include some pictures of my journal so far and provide some links/ideas to get you started-but its a personal thing so take yours in whatever direction you wish.
I've only just started so its neither that long nor creative but I'll keep y'all updated on my subsequent pages.

My pages so far:

  • Plans 'n' Ideas for the summer
  • Books to read
  • Films to watch
  • Summer Cafe Project (rating all the cafes I visit)
  • Several diary entries
  • Quotes/collages
Materials you will need to begin a journal:
  • A notebook-I stuck to a very simple exercise book, I don't know where this is from but you can pick up similar almost anywhere
  • Scissors, glue, magazines, colouring pencils, a printer (always useful), washi tape, paper clips, stickers, labels, printed pics from Pinterest, Tumblr, Instagram, fabric, photos, paint brushes, post cards, souvenirs (train tickets etc) etc-basically any art materials
  • Many summer hours to waste
There is inspiration for such journals E-V-E-R-Y-W-H-E-R-E-here are a few that I used:
There are also sites and online ideas to put in your journal such as:

Future ideas:

  • Bakes? (the cakes etc that I make over summer and beyond?)
  • Many more diary entries
  • Photo collages
  • An EU referendum diary entry (because LORD do I have a shit tonne to say on that topic)
  • Current pinterest likes
  • Places I've been 
  • Conversations heard
  • Interviews with people (like friends)
I have been meaning to do more journalling over this weekend but to be honest I have been so busy and on a literal emotional roller coaster. 
Thursday was spent feeling relatively confident but angry about the lack of opportunity for 16-17's in voting, Thurs night my stomach dropped when the first results came in and I stayed up all friggin' night crying with a deep sense of fear. 
Friday-exhausted and terrified, messaging friends at 5am then catching a coach to York (spent journey discussing how screwed we are, looking at graphs of how the pound dropped in 5 mins) then shock about Cameron resigning. York uni was isolated but a nice campus situated around a lake. History with a year abroad sounded fantastic and so did politics. Met up with a friend we met in Lille for lunch and had a mini lecture about the Brexit which was interesting. Introduced idea of second referendum and highlighted the manipulation of Johnson on the British population. Stress on the coach home then a speedy get ready to go to a  party where there was the usual friend-boy drama and tears stirred up by drunkness. A taxi ride home squeezing a friends hand as I thought I was gonna vom (side note: there's this thing in Newcastle where vomitting from being too drunk is called yt-ing, I don't know why but it seems a very apt title). Tensions between friends as they all stayed over at mine and a morning spent with minimal communication.
Saturday, hung over but spent the whole day out then the evening babysitting. 
So finally, a breath. 

As you can see, I care ALOT about the EU referendum and its a massive deal in the UK, esp amongst the 16-25's.
SO yeah-Try journalling-its great and you can document crazy times like explained above.

I'll do regular updates of how my journalling is going and if anyone else does it, send me pics!


  1. Such a nice idea. I've been trying to get into journaling regularly but time is so rare.

    1. I know how you feel, hopefully summer holidays will be the perfect time!

  2. I would love to see more of your journal in the future! It looks really good! I would love to see if you added any of those pages in the future! Great post xx

    Thrifty vintage fashion

    1. Thank you-I'll definitely keep you updated!x

  3. I want to start creating more random journals. I currently have a daily journal, a scrapbook journal and a dream log!
    Aleeha xXx


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