Things are achangin': Inspiration

This has nothing to do wit tha post but I thought it was thought provoking and sinister--source: ici
This will be long and jumbled because that's just my style.
I came to the conclusion that in exams (all of my subjects include at least some form of essay writing) my technique is to write as much as possible and hope I will eventually hit the spot. I wrote 17 sides in my history exam.
This has two downsides:
1) My handwriting is subsequently appalling
2) It doesn't show much talent other than I can write really fucking fast
I digress.
A story seems the most appropriate way to approach this.
I was lying in bed after spending a night drinking too much peach schnapps, going to sleep far too late then going on a 5am adventure. Sober and not so sleep deprived me probably would not have done the adventure.
SO, I could justify lying in bed the whole freakin day.
Another friend suggested to me...Oh man this is going to get so confusing.
Basically, I was exploring the Rookie Mag*** website.
And I felt this overwhelming sense of direction and inspiration and excitement.
I haven't had that in so long.
It is completely my thing: creativity combined with journalism combined with nostaligic adolescent coming of age-ness. That vein of thing has areas to learn, expand, work and grow and thats just what I want.
I'm not saying that I'm abandoning A-levels and going to write for Rookie because that is mighty unrealistic but it might actually be a glimmer of something I would want to do in the future.
What? Yes, I might not be so lost.
And so I've sort of began to realise in this 10 hour epiphanic period that seems to have motivated me to change my life, my A-levels are probably wrong and irrelevant (melodramatic me talking-they will be useful) and not the be all and end all.
But I can't give up on those because failure, fears, expectation tings (post here)
*breathes-I can assure you that that above paragraph would have been said in one breath*
SO to my blog/online diary/space
I'm gonna revamp, change the direction.
Abandon the beauty because its just not me and the narcissistic hauls and take on a Rookie-inspired (inspired but my own thang) direction.
Diaries, travel stuff, quotes, inner thoughts, ideas for y'all, some writing/poems/stories, book stuff.
A platform for my head and other people to contribute. Ideally, maybe one day in the distant future, I would love love love to make my own online magazine. But that will take years of time and practice.

Yes. This is so much more me.
If you're game for that, then stick around.

Currently: Listening: Tom Odell-Wrong Crowd//Reading: The Sisters Brothers-Patrick deWitt//Loving: Being inspired and having friends and things to look forward//Lusting: Sunshine (pls)
***In my eyes, Rookie is an online magazine (they've got year books too) that is like a haven for teenagers (but not in a cringey way) to write about anything. They have themes each month and so much content and its so bloody aesthetic. Check out Rookie, because man that place is where I belong.

***I might still talk a lil' about some basic beauty but not in the 'I totally know what I am doing' and 'This is all I know' kinda way


  1. I know what you mean, the beauty and haul life isn't for me either. I can't wait to see what you do to the place.

  2. I would love to read some of the posts you've mentioned especially ones related to inner thoughts! I've always wanted to write posts that are little more related to my thoughts too, but I'm just so scared to state them for some reason!
    Aleeha xXx


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