It is late evening on Boxing day. The fire is tickling away in the hearth and there is the soft hum of contented breathing as we slow our festive pace.
My head feels a little less content. I am fearful of tomorrow because it means real life, something these past three days have been an escape from. It means revision I don't want to do for exams I dread to sit for a future I don't want to happen.
Tomorrow morning I have to get up, put on clothes and do real things. I have to go into town and I have to laboriously write history notes and I have to tidy my room and get out of this fantasy of lethargic warmth I have been entranced by.
In my head, it means the end of total relaxation until the twenty-fourth of December, two thousand and seventeen.
Don't the dates look intimidating when written in that protracted fashion.
I can't allow myself to do nothing on any other day than the joyous festive period.
That's probably something I need to work on.

Here's three simple questions with three(?) simple answers.
Leave your answers too.

Something that makes you sad
Seeing the weighted bags under my beloved mother's eyes as she tries harder and harder to repel the demons that trick her mind
The way I don't allow my aching body time to rest, unless it is officially identified by an over commercialised, anonymous holiday
The end of cranberry sauce for another year

Something that makes you smile
My luck, privilege and fortune, the freedom and peace of an illuminated morning sky
New sweatshirts

Something you wish to achieve
More calm and more zen in my overdriving mind
An acceptance with who and what I am without the need to push harder and harder
Confidence about the future

*the questions came from here
**the pic above is the view I woke up to on Christmas day. I know.


  1. That view is so beautiful, I hope you had a lovely christmas. I love your answers to those questions here are mine! 1) the thought of exam season coming soon, 2) my brother 3) calmness and peace of mind x x

    1. Thank youu :) Ahh yes exam season the most horrible time of the year!! Hope you're havin a lovely festive time x

  2. That picture is ahhhh.
    1. Seeing people on the streets without a penny in their pocket.
    2. Coming home after a long day.
    3. I hope to hold one of my books in my hand.
    Merry Christmas:)

    1. Thank youu the view was just beautiful.
      Definitely agree with no. 1 I feel so helpless. Merry Christmas x

  3. Such a gorgeous picture!! And honestly this resonates with me so much, since the christmas holidays have started the amount of revision i have to do before school starts again has been looming. I really enjoyed reading! x

  4. Your writing is so beautiful! Also the photo is lovely x
    ☆ ☆

  5. Hey Katie! I know we haven't emailed in ages (actually, to be honest, I haven't blogged in ages, let alone keep updated on who I follow), but I just wanted to say, I love where your blog is heading. This post was really different from what I remember you used to post, but I really like it :) keep up the good work girl xx

  6. Yup, I'm sat here thinking about the revision I should be doing in preparation for my maths exam tomorrow, but it's the revision I don't want to do.
    Aleeha xXx

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