The tears are relentless.
"I am at the end of the world"
And I know when I wake tomorrow, it won't feel that way,
but now I am trapped.
In failure.
In fear.
In discomfort.
In expectation.
In disappointment.
I am not invincible.


There are good things. I got a cat and she sits by my feet and watches me work and it breaks my heart. I bought the season's first of mini eggs today and I've been loving the new series of Sherlock.
I am simply exhausted, through fear and exams.
I hope it feels better tomorrow.


  1. Sending you a big virtual hug! You got this :) I know what being trapped feels like and how much it sucks but I also know you'll be alright, I believe in you x


  2. Oh you'll get there Katie, it's a good thing you have a cat to cuddle! I hope you feel better soon and I am sending you a big virtual hug as well because you can never have enough!x


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