at peace

I feel wonderfully at peace. Life feels kind and busy and enjoyable and eye opening. I am content.
Writing this scares me, what if its not true? these feelings won't last?!
No. But they are how I feel now.
Everything just feels very at ease. As though its all running smoothly and with sufficient purpose and relaxation.
Of course, if I delve too deep I can ignite a fire of existentialism in a heart beat but currently, the voices are buried beneath the surface. I think the weather plays a crucial role in my mood. Today, its bright and fresh and the sun is shining and the birds are signing and it has an immense sense of hope. Every year, on days such as this, I get a tingle of excitement, a flourish of motivation to create and explore and a strong sense that life is good.
The year when the sun stops making me feel so free I'll panic, but until then I am indulging in the bliss of my life sans responsibility.

My window is open, I am (avoiding) tidying my room, exciting things are on the horizon and its feeling good.

Sending these sunny vibes to you all.

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  1. Hell yeah for feeling at peace!! It doesn't matter if it doesn't last, life changes- things go tits up but thank god 4 gravity as it means they will come back down again and if the peace does last it will come back!! Cute pic (aka nice dressing gown)x

    1. yes!!!! that is so true. haha thanks, I never take it off

  2. Oh my goodness, I loved this post. I found your blog after reading a comment you had left on mine :) When we feel happy, we can't analyse it. Just live it - love it- feel it. It won't always last, but it will always come back again.

  3. Great post, dear. I enjoyed reading it. Thank you for sharing.

  4. This is very motivating. Great post, dear.


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