Things to do this summer...

I feel I have been very neglectful over my blog recently, my life has been utter madness with exams, trips, work experience etc so anytime when I haven't been revising or seeing people, I have been taking a well deserved break. 
Last week marked my first blogiversary, I had semi planned a post celebrating my past year but when it came down to it, I once again had little time. I do have some very exciting things in the works though including a new blog design, and hopefully, with the summer holidays being a mere 3 weeks away, it will give me more time to dedicate to my blog. The 6 week holidays are definitely the best part of school, they feel like you have forever to spend doing what ever you want- no school, homework or revision. This glory soon disappears when you realise the weeks are dramatically dwindling and you only have a few days left. That is why I want to make the most of this summer and to do this, I have decided to come up with a "Things to do this summer" list...

1. Spontaneous adventures 
This is one of my favourite things about summer, spending the day out getting lost on a train or in a park. I love anything spontaneous, I often make the best memories out of them. Even if this is in my local park, just spending the day with friends, playing games until the sun sets.
2. Camp out in Teepee
For what feels like every year, myself and my friend have attempted to camp out in my garden. There is a public country lane/footpath that runs between the house and main garden so we always get terrified and have to run back inside. This year, I am determined to do it, and I would especially like to sleep in the Teepee myself and my mum made last year.
3. Take hundreds of photos
This is pretty self explanatory but I want to collect all the best memories to display on my wall and look back through in winter. 
4. Go to the beach in the evening
I don't live too far from the beach, its about a 15 minute train ride but I really want to go with friends in the evening and have a BBQ and play beach games.
6. Do a craft project
Being so busy, I have had almost no time to do any form of crafting but I always love to set myself a big project to get on with in quiet days in the holidays.
7. Write a short story
Writing is one of my favourite things and I hope that this summer I will have enough time to dedicate to writing a short story. I just need a plot...
9. Read more
I bought quite a few books a month or so ago and have had almost no time to read them- I am now going to save them for the summer where I hope to spend a lot of time relaxing in the garden with a book...
10. Go on a bike ride
Last year, I and a few friends went on a bike ride. It was one of my favourite memories of last summer and I really hope we can do it again!

Who knows if I will complete any of these let alone all of them? My main goal of summer is to relax and have fun- what is  on your summer to do list?
Katie x

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