Top 5 books "That Changed My Life"

Today I thought I would run you guys through my top 5 books that "changed my life". Most of these books are YA (young adult), I just find that they cover current issues in a very clever way that I also find I can relate to as I fall into that catergory! Of course there are hundreds and I have only just touched the surface, if you have any additional suggestions leave them below, I'd love to find more!

To Kill A Mockingbird- Harper Lee
I love this book, the way Harper Lee captures typical events of the 1930s but puts them through the naive eyes of young Scout Finch really makes the book relatable. She tackles some pretty prominent and tough issues (e.g racism) but as it is seen through such a young perspective, it is humorous and a thoroughly great read. 

The Perks Of Being A Wallflower- Stephen Chbosky
I cannot get over how cleverly this book is written, it is written in the perspective of a teenage boy who clearly has some form of mental illness but it totally captures all his thoughts and feelings, making the book really relatable and allowing you to completely empathise with Charlie's position. There is so much love and warmth in this book, and while it isnt all simple and straight forward (and despite it being a very heavy topic) it is quite 'feel good' and leaves you thinking " wow". This book really helped me to understand more about the issues relating to mental illness and totally changed my perspective on life

The Fault In Our Stars- John Green
Wow, I couldn't really write a post about books that changed my life without putting this in could I? But I do feel this book has an extra special place in my heart as it was quite a big deal to read it. Call it cliche, but this book did change my life. It caused me to think totally differently about something that terrified me and also sort of reduced my fear. But that aside, it is an amazing book about strength, love and loss; if you haven't read it (where have you been?!) I strongly urge you to do so!

Ketchup Clouds- Annabel Pitcher
This book is composed from a set of letters sent between a teenager (Zoe) and a man on death row, Zoe has a terrible confession to make and finds peace in these letters of correspondence. The thing I find most magical about this book is the sympathy you feel for Mr Harris (the man on death row) and the relationships you build with the characters. It has such beauty about it and is written so cleverly that you feel real empathy for Zoes position and I just couldn't put it down.

The Book Theif- Marcus Zusak
This one kind of ties in with The Fault In Our Stars in the sense that it gave me a whole new perspective on a scary topic. Once again this story is told through a young girls eyes but what I love most is the portrayal of death. He isnt shown to be scary or horrid, but caring and an almost loving character. It really made me rethink the idea of death and totally took the fear away. I love how in depth Death tells the story, describing scents and colours of people, it really adds to his character and I felt after reading this book I could take sigh of relief.

A few other suggestions:
-The shock of the fall
-Noughts and Crosses

I hope you like this post, something a little different. If you arent keen on these book type posts, don't worry- I have a beauty one coming up next week!
Have you read any of these books? What did you think?
Katie x

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