Fujifilm Instax Mini 8

I had been lustering over a Polaroid camera of any type for years but has always been put off as a supposedly 'modernised' version had not yet reached the markets and I was always wary of the quality of the older Polaroid ones. When my birthday came around, I had no idea what to ask for so decided as a bit of fun I would hope for a Fujifilm camera.
I know these are quite common and I am not usually one to follow such trends however I could not resist the pretty pastel and novelty surrounding these cameras.

 These cameras aren't cheap for what they are, there is nothing special about the picture quality and the prints are totally over priced but something about the surprise and nostalgia of these is so exciting. Admittedly the pictures are about £1 each which, when you somehow decide to do one for everyone at a party, can end up costing a lot (I really need to learn to say no...).These cameras can be found in places such as Urban Outfitters however if you are looking into purchasing one, I would definitely recommend Amazon (the one I found is here) as you can find some great offers along with the prints.

Overall, I am thoroughly pleased with this camera. I have taken some absolutely awful pictures but I guess that's all part of the fun and I really still haven't grasped the light filter changing thing in the camera as my pictures always end up too light or too dark but hey, they are still make nice memories. I love the idea that the pictures slide out (you do have to shake them for a good 10 minutes-it isn't instant) and at the end of the day, there is no point in saving the prints. There is also something that makes these images much more special than ones taken on the big camera-I don't know if it is their extortionate cost or the crappy quality (that admittedly we all love) but a Polaroid really is something to treasure.

Do you have one of these cameras?


  1. oh you're lucky! i really want one but i don't know if i can justify the price :( xxxx


  2. I know what you mean-it is crazily expensive for the few times you use it! But I do love it and am very happy that I own one! :)
    Thanks for commenting,
    Katie xx


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