100 Happy Things Part 1

I wanted to compose a list of some little things in life that make me happy. This list really made me think beyond the obvious things (e.g family- which of course makes me super happy and i'd never take them for granted but they obviously arent the only contribution to my happiness) and pull apart the things that add to making day great. So this is a list of all the small things that are often not recognised, that add to my everyday happiness- of course there are hundreds but trust me- when put on the spot its excpetionally hard to think of everything that makes you happy or put it into words that don't sound like gobbledygook.
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1) Joking with family
2) Spending quality time with friends
3) Decorating my room
4) Looking through photos and memories 
5) Deep conversations
6) Baking (and eating) cakes
7) Clean bed sheets
8) Completing a goal+those who recognise/celebrate this acheivement 
9) Laughing 
10) Having things to look forward to
11) Sunsets 
12) Cute gift shops
13) Crafting 
14) Waking early to the beautiful light streaming in my windows
15) Unstructured days
16) The beach
17) The way my best friends can cheer me up
18) Writing 
19) Late summer evenings
20) Walks with friends 
21) Surprises 
22) Making others happy
23) Summer rain
24) Compliments/complimenting
25) Feeling free
26) Reading
27) Skyping friends
28) inside jokes
29) Long hugs
30) Sitting at the bottom of my garden with the fire and candles, toasting marshmallows
31) Summer
32) Candles
33) Late night conversations
34) Long baths
35) productive days
36) Blogging
37) Fairylights
38) Sherlock
39) Making others proud
40) Writing (and receiving) letters
41) Decorating anything (e.g the letters I send  to Penpals)
42) Cute stationary
43) Raspberry sorbet
44) People remembering little facts about you
45) Achieving something
46) Tea
47) Taking photos
48) Chocolate fingers
49) Pinterest
50) Raspberry lemonade

What are some little things that make you happy? I will be doing the other half at some point in the near future so keep a look out for that.

Katie x
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