The joys of penpalling...

I began penpalling around 6 months ago however- as I said in recent post, due to my life being utter craziness the past month (and it is set to continue right into September!) I have had little time to give over to other commitments and, when I noticed that the pile of unreplied letters was growing rather large I decided to take some quality time to compose my replies.

 I totally rediscovered my love for penpalling! I don't have that many pen pals (around 4/5) and with some living as far away as Malaysia (and the crappy postal service) it can be a good 2 months before I recieve replies but boy is it worth it! They put so much time and effort into each letter and it is so fun thinking of your reply and telling them everything that has been going on in your life! I often like to include extras in my letters, sometimes bought items (often ones that sum up Britain e.g tea!) but I often slide in coins, stickers or even recipes to make it more interesting!

I know penpalling is considered 'old fashioned' (its often nicknamed Snail mail haha) but there is something kind of nostalgic about it and you can meet people across the world and share everything about yourself with them. I just love the designing,you can put so much time and effort into a letter,covering the envelope with washi tape,stickers, drawings and patterns. Plus- who doesnt love a good old handwritten letter?
I know there are sites such as this that have taken a more modern view on it, essentially being sites to communicate on (without actually sending letters haha) and others that allocate you a pen pal (obviously be careful when giving over your address!) but I found mine through instagram.

@mygreencow  is a instagrammer that has a lot to do with penpalling- and often(ish) uploads photos titled "find a penpal below" and you are instructed to pop your name, age and country below and then connect with others to find your penpal- this is how I did it- I think its a great way as the chances are the people won't turn out to be dodgy (touchwood) and you also have something in common and will most likely like similar things! So keep your eyes peeled for more of those posts if you're interested in finding a penpal!

Do you like writing letters? Do you have a penpal?
Katie x
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  1. I used to have penpal too can't believe I'm totally forgot how exciting it is when I receive a letter. I think I will have to try it again. Great post I love it :)

    Kiss me Sunday // Bloglovin

    1. Thank you-yes I think you should-its such a great thing to do and feels so exciting when they come through the letter box!xx

  2. I've always kind of dreamt of having a penpal! It's such a nice idea - back to the old days before the internet etc!
    Nice post!

    Amalia x

    1. Definitely-as I said theres something really nostalgic about it! You should check out the instagram account I suggested, she has a 'Find A PenPal' post up now!


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