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We all get a bit of writers block from time-to-time but it's not a bad thing. Creativity is key throughout tasks such as blogging but sometimes the motivation is really not tip-top. A little motivation can go a long way. So, if you've creativity levels are riding low when it comes to writing a post then you don't need to worry, your hero is here.

Here are my top tips for Creating Blog Ideas:

1. Bloglovin'
Bloglovin' is the top way of collecting together the blogging community. You can see the latest posts from you're favourite blogs all in one feed. Checking Bloglovin' can generate post ideas because it gives you the chance to see what is popular across the blogs and what the readers are enjoying. Also, sometimes bloggers do open tag which means you can do it with out being tagged, so you can join in with that too.

2. 360
If you're really struggling and you feel like there's nothing around you that you can blog about at all, you're probably wrong. Sit in the centre of your room and do a slow 360 turn scanning everything in your room. Ask yourself: Do I have an opinion on this object? Why is it there? For example you see a perfume on your shelf - write a review for that. Or, you see a train ticket left around from the weekend trip away - write about how that was. It's a really handy method.

3. Blog Book
Hop over to your local super market and buy yourself a cheap note pad, or even create a file on you computer or phone. This is now your 'blog book'. Whenever you're on the go and suddenly 'ah, that's good idea' you can jot it down, or type it in. My blog book is the organisation centre for my blog. I list down posts that I want to do over time then I create a timetable for upcoming weeks. This helps with ideas because it's always somewhere you can refer to.

4. Social Media/Ask friends & family
Ask your mum 'what is your favourite ___?' and maybe she will spice up a few ideas. Ask your dad, sister, brother, cat, dog - everyone! One particularly interesting post you could create is a Then & Now by asking your grandparents what things where like back then, e.g. influences of fashion/beauty or even make-up brands. Those kind of posts can be educational to some people. Also, ask around on twitter and see what your readers want or even post about controversial issues that you've seen floating around the trending section.

5. Don't Rush
I always say to myself and my blogging friends: 'if you can't think of a post then don't force yourself to'. In my early stages of blogging I was guilty of it and now I look back and cringe at those posts because rushed and forced quality is poor. Your blog is your space on the internet made up of your content, so it's up to you what is posted and when.

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  1. love this post !
    im currently in that writers block stage argh

    1. Hope this helps :)

      Alice x

  2. Will definitely be buying a cute notebook to make my blog book, what a great idea!

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