16 things I would have told myself a year ago

- Parties really are fun
-Chin up-things do get better (very soon)
-Say yes to everything (within reason obvs) because you will create some fab memories
-Enjoy year 10 because when you get into year 11 you will suddenly realise how fast it's going and will be desperate not to leave
-You will do stuff that you could only dream of doing now so chill, it will all come in time
-Just because you read TFIOS does not mean you are ill and looking up every symptom won't change anything
- Stay clear of that skirt
- Don't take things so seriously, lighten up a bit
-You will soon discover Benedict Cumberbatch and Sherlock and trust me, your life will be 10x better
-When it all gets too much, take a bath, breathe and get on with it-wallowing will only make it worse
- Time flies
- Don't depend on others too much, they have their own problems-write your worries instead
-The work load you think you have now is literally nothing
- Push yourself but not too much, it will come with time
-You have a DLSR, please god damn use it
-Go for that run (I am still reminding myself of this one)

It is insane how fast this year is going/has gone-I can't get over it. I have began reflecting over the past 11/12 months-I know its usually something people do at the end of  December but I feel this year has been a massive one for me so its going to take a whole load of brain power to process it all.
You know when you sit down and go "what new things have I done/goals have I achieved this year?"-I feel my list is getting pretty darn long which pleases me immensely because it highlights how great 2014 has been.
This time last year was the time when things took a corner, I don't want to say my life turned itself around because it didnt; that's waaay too dramatic, but I have come out of my shell, began to find myself and become an overall happier person which all in all is bloody brilliant.

And on that rather deep note I leave you with this question: What would you say to yourself a year ago?

Katie x
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  1. I didn't think that I would be blogging a year ago. I just actually celebrated my 1 year blogiversary.

    I have a kate spade handbag giveaway to celebrate right now, come check it out.

    xx, Jodi

  2. I'd would say to myself a year ago: 'Make as many happy memories as you can' and 'take lots of pictures with your friends because one day you might part ways'.

    1. I agree-you cannot take anyone for granted and in darker times those memories are what keeps you going x


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