Memory Jar

At the beginning of last year, I sat down and created my 2014 Memory Jar (see how I created it here), to be filled with all the greatest memories of the year. I settled down on New Years Eve to open it up and look through all the bits of paper and re-live the memories (in my room on a dark New Years Eve) and my had I had some good ones.

So this year I hope to do the same but document even more. Last year it was the great things, the things that will be stuck in my memory for years to come but this year,  I want to document everything good, even the little mundane things that make me smile, I want to pop them in this jar so, at the end of it all I can see how good this year has been (because god I hope it is!)
I love little things like this, small ways to remember things. I am not too keen on writing a diary as I think (when I write it) the stuff I write makes me cringe. This however is a lovely way of remembering the small bits of the year.
What will you be doing to document this year?
Katie x
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