2015 New Year's Resolutions/Goals

I'm not usually one for New Year's resolutions, usually seeing them as false promises that will inevitably be broken (cynical or what?) and I just don't really have the headspace/time to stick to a whole new routine.
I do however want to leave myself a few ideas of things I can do to improve as a person throughout this year and reminders for when it gets stressful.

1. Run and get out more
I enjoy running. I find it an easy way just clear my head and feel good. I also think it will be vital when exams start. When I go through a running phase, I try to go 2-3 times a week but most of the time sometimes it just doesn't happen-I hope to be more motivated this year!

2. Become more confident
When it comes to personality confidence (confidence on the inside rather than the outside)-mine is limited. I find it quite hard to talk to people  and feel little pride in what I do. I cannot celebrate my own success for fear of coming across cocky and when I do do something well, in my mind it is never good enough.
I hope to change this in 2015, learning to value my successes, understanding that I really am capable. I also really want to become better at talking to people (especially adults), asking questions and appearing interested.

3. Write
I have a summer of 12 weeks; I really hope to produce something-a short story, a selection of poems, a whole novel (I wish)

4. Keep my cool during revision, stick to a revision plan and don't let the stress take over
I have my GCSE exams this summer which I know will provide me with a lot if opportunities to get totally stressed and freak out. I ended up totally freaking out during one of my recent maths exams which was a horrible experience so fingers crossed, I can not let revision and stress take over. I hope to get through exams with a level head, well prepared and confident that I will do my best. I just need to believe in myself!
Even if it doesn't go as smoothly as I would like, I hope to get through it with a good set of results, I am aiming for all A's and A*'s but maths (my nemesis) may let me down.

5. Blog what I want, when I want
I often don't blog the things I want to: the reflective posts, the rambles, the things that have little purpose but in 2015 I hope to keep my blog purely as a place to let my thoughts free and connect with others, regardless of whether it will go down well.

6. Read
I really enjoy reading, finding it the perfect way to chill out but during stressful periods at school and times when I barely stop, I just don't have time. I don't know how many books I aim to read this year-maybe 20? But I do hope to spend more time doing it and also, trying out a variety of books, genres and authors.

7. learn something new
Finally, I hope to do something new. Whether this be a new skill, class or place, doing new things is a great way to change everything up a bit. I'm often not very good at going new places with new people so hopefully this will step out my comfort zone too!

And so they are my seven 2015 resolutions. Hopefully easy enough to stick to but I shall keep you all posted.
I hope for the best for all of you in the upcoming year!
Katie x
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  1. You have some great goals! I can definitely relate to them - especially 2,4 & 7!!
    Good Luck with achieving them! x



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