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Okay, admittedly these books don't live on a coffee table but I think we all know what I mean by 'coffee table books'; the kind that you flick through and you become engrossed in but aren't actual books/novels often with miscellaneous information that is really rather (unnecessarily) interesting. I love these kind of books; even if I don't read/use them, they provide entertainment and provoke a load of new ideas.

Cancer-Your personal horoscope//My future listography//642 things to write about//Information is beautiful

My Future Listography is filled with list prompts about your future; ranging from fancy dress costumes to people you want to keep in touch with, its such a fun way to recall things you hope to do in the future. It has some really unusual lists that you would never think of and is put together in such a nice way-its great just to look through and entertain yourself for a while.

I am, admittedly, a bit of a current affairs/general knowledge/ facts and figures nerd. I listen to the radio (as in news) every night and have to know whats going on in the world and small, pretty pointless facts really interest me. This book is full of just that; its a way of presenting facts relating to almost everything in an accessible and creative way and  I can remain engrossed for hours. It does, slightly, focus on morbid issues specifically relating to death and cancer but there's a lot of light hearted information too.

It amused me that Blogging gives me a 1 in 35,000,000 chance  of death.

I don't really believe in star signs and horoscopes however I do think tracking them is really interesting and this book is like the low down on everything relating to your star sign; who you match best with, who you should avoid and a description of your horoscope each day-its a great light read just to flick through and find out more about your star sign. You can obviously get them for every star sign I just have Cancer because I'm a July baby.

642 Things To Write About (full review here)
This has to be one of my favourites-its not necessarily  coffee table book as I suppose it could be consdered as an activity book too however I have spent many an hour flicking through this just reading all the different ideas and sparking ideas of future writing projects. I am actually writing something at the moment of which the idea was presented through this book. God send for those who, like me get stuck between the initial idea and the creative process.

In other, some what repetitive news, I am still chugging on with what feels like the endless task of revision-just 11 weeks and it will all be over (which I have very mixed feelings about). I am also planning several trips for the summer which, with me being the organiser of the group, has left me planning everything but its okay-I enjoy that kinda thing. I go on a Geography trip next week which marks a year since I overcame my biggest fear (homesickness) and should be a good craic. I then go down to Southwold, Suffolk, for the annual family meet up which, as always, will be awesome and I hope to capture some pics of my favourite place. So, as always, life is passing by in a whirlwind of work and plans which I, happily, become swept up in.
Is anything eventful happening in your lives?
I'm sorry my blog has become slightly neglected-I forget about everything other than that that is immediately around me but roll on summer and we'll get it all kick started again!
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What are your favourite 'coffee table books'?
Katie x
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  1. I absolutely love books that you can flick through, my favourite currently is Love Tanya! I may be slightly biased because I love youtube and Tanya but the photography is amazing!
    Aleeha xXx