Rational Revision

I am a stresser and a worrier. I always have been and I suppose I always will; if we want to look at it positively, I guess it makes me more motivated and efficient but all in all it sucks. Apparently, a low level of stress is a good thing-it powers you but when it begins disrupt your day; you know it isnt healthy. I have been told by so many people that I "need to chill" (which I am totally aware of but it isnt that easy) so I have created a list of ways to think rationally about it and some simple ways to just take the edge off.

Most of worrying is caused by the phrase "What if...?" and, if we look at it literally, we could say what if to anything. What if the plane crashes?(my favourite one) What if that person hates me? What if I fail all my exams? We will never know the answer to these questions unless we do it and, if we used "What if" as an answer to anything, nothing would happen. So this is where rational thinking comes in.

1. Its not the be all and end all. Everyone worries about different things at different levels of importance but if we step back we can see that there is actually more beyond not getting the grade you wanted in an exam (or what ever)
2. Worrying is counter-productive. I often spend more time worrying about the final exam than actually revising-stupid and is not going to help me achieve any better in the exam
3. You need down time, revision can't rule your life. I let it do this-I stress about not revising when I am relaxing or out with friends (taking away from the fact I am supposed to be relaxing) and you need time away from it all to perform better. Just take a step back and forget about it for an hour, a day; however long you feel comfortable doing it for.
4. You deserve a night off. We all do; why do you think we have weekends? Allow yourself at least one night in the week (mine is Friday) where you can just chill (this also allows you to be more flexible with your timetable)
5. Learn to leave it. I found it was causing me so much stress and angst that it was ruining my productivity and ruining my non-revision time, and resulting in me having numerous numerous breakdowns. Learn to leave your work after you've finished and don't carry it (mentally) around with you.
6. Be rational. Think about it logically and rationally, is it really that important.

Ways to relax

1. Go outside-it works magic at clearing your head
2. Talk to someone or write down your worries and stresses. Rank them in order of importance
3. Don't punish yourself if you don't manage it all, we are only human after all.
4. Reward yourself
5. work to your own schedule and timetable-teachers love to remind you of how few weeks you have left but ignore them, work for yourself.
6. Mindfulness. It sounds stupid but my mum encouraged me to try it and it actually works. I listen to Bodhipaksa's 'Mindfulness for teens' (it sounds hilarious the first time you listen but trust me-it works!)

The absolute key thing is not to stress it, remember to relax.
I hope this helps and that everyone's revision is going well,
Katie x
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  1. Finally something to help me get through my final exams! Thanks so much for the tips!

  2. Thanks this is really helpful, so much homework and loads of exams so i'm very stressed. I don't know what I'll do next year when I start the gcse course!
    Aleeha, xXx

    1. Haha I'm thinking the same about next year and A-levels!xx

  3. Hey, I have a question if you help me, I just want to know how do you help make sure information sticks? For instance I revised a topic for History about a month ago, today I realized that I has forgotten must of it so would you go about making sure you don;t forget the information and it sticks? x

    1. I would definitely say go over it often to make sure you are working the knowledge into your mind and by doing a little bit every night, it ensures yoh don't get out of the cycle. Also, for history, I use flash cards are condense the information into learnable chunks rhen repeat those until I know them! Hope this helps x

  4. Thanks, this is genuinely really helpful. I've got loads of my exams coming up and yes I am a big worrier and hopefully these will help me out a lot.


    1. No problem-I'm glad it helped-good luck for your exams!x


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