A Week Away//Southwold, Suffolk

The iconic beach huts

the best meringues you have e.v.e.r .e.a.t.e.n

So there it is, an overload of photos from the past week that I have spent away in Southwold, Suffolk with my family at our annual gathering. It is my favourite place possibly ever and my mum and I even agreed it felt like going home so, understandably, I was extremely sad to leave however we will of course be back next year,
After bombarding you with 32 photos (more for the personal recollection of the week) I don't want to write too much but as a brief synopsis: the week consisted of the usual; extreme food eating (outside in the sun-oh yas), family reminiscing, reading, beach games, swimming in the sea (!!), walks, spending time with cousins, photo taking, birthday celebrations (not mine sadly) and just general good times. It is essentially an island (as my mum kept on reminding me) so therefore has practically no signal or wifi anywhere but I actually loved the isolation and have been avoiding my social media as much as possible since being back; it feels good just to be in the present ya know?

While I long to be back, I have another week off in which I plan to go shopping, reply to some letters and watch movies in bed (along with the obvious-revision) ooh and I'm going Go-karting on friday which should be an absolute hoot (and possibly very competitive knowing me). I also will be putting up a review of the three books I managed to finish while away (yes three) so look out.
Congrats if you actually looked at all of those photos
Katie x


  1. Lovely pictures! Those meringues and cakes look delicious! Glad you had a great time!
    Heather x x

  2. Such beautiful pictures - looks like a lovely weekend away!

  3. Gorgeous pics! The beach huts pic is my favourite.
    Aleeha xXx

  4. ahhh looks amazing!! love the pictures x


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