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I have an ongoing love affair with nude eyeshadows; more specifically, shimmery nudes. I am to metallic nude eyeshadows what a magpie is to silver: instantly attracted. I walk into mac, perusing all the gorgeous mattes and dark dark browns but no, my hand reaches for the shimmery nude that I have at least one other of the same shade. Well, what can I say-I just like to stick to what I know.

This palette has quite possibly made my holiday. I was just walking around Boots with my sister when we laid eyes on these. At £3.99 for a selection of 6 awesomely creamy, awesomely pigmented shadows we snapped up 2 (the more matte one and this one).  I am often a little iffy about bargainous eyeshadow palettes, I used to love the MUA heaven and earth palette but have now sorta come round to realise that the shadows are utterly chalky and overall a bit pants. This is however nothing of the sort; the most gorgeous wearable shades in tiny slim packaging (that, fair enough may break within 2 weeks of using it but hey) that could travel anywhere.
It pairs so nicely with other eyeshadows too as the colours are so versatile, I wore Mac Amber Lights (shown above) with  Golden Brown and it looked lovely.
I would urge y'all to pop out and snap this up because, if you are a nude addict (lol) like I am, this will push all  your buttons. If that hasnt convinced you, I don't know what will. Buy it.

L-R Golden brown, Ochre, Mink, Ivory
Also included in the palette: Ember and Nutty

 What are you favourite eyeshadows? Do you have any mac shadow recommendations?
Katie x
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  1. It does look absolutely beautiful! I've seen bloggers like Amelia Liana mention it, but because I don't use eyeshadow I never really paid it any attention, but it looks lovely in your swatch!

    1. I think even if you don't use it too much, it's still a great a product as its such good value-maybe it would introduce you to eyeshadow!xx

  2. ...Amelia Liana... that's who I thought of as soon as you mentioned the product! Now you've raved about it I will have to go and buy the palette!
    Aleeha xXx

    1. Yep exactly where I got the inspo from haha-but for £3.99-who couldn't?!xx

  3. I have one of these! & i love it. A staple in the every makep routine

  4. These shadows look amazingly pigmented for such a bargain price, I love how drugstore eyeshadow palettes are stepping up their game! xx

    Gemma Louise | Just Little Things


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