The end of my eyeliner hunt...

I have been struggling for years to find the perfect felt tip eyeliner, I have tried several different ones (being reluctant to try more because I just knew they wouldn't last on my watery, smudgy eyes), tried priming my eyelid, powdering over and under the eyeliner until I finally gave up on the search; I would never be able to wear eyeliner.

And then this came along, it was a present from a friend who knew my eyeliner struggles-I almost cried when I recieved this-"tattoo liner", what more could I need?

And boy does it live up to its name, it stays put all day, even on my eyes but when, in the evening I want to remove it, it glides away without the need to scrub.
The nib of the pen is maybe a little more bendy than ones I have used previously but. after getting used to it, I have managed to draw perfect flicks and line my lids with ease.
The colour is the blackest of blacks and I find just really frames your eyes, whether you choose to draw a flick or keep it simple and has survived through sweaty parties (ew), crying, wind, rain and everything else.
The only downside is the availability, this is, as far as I can tell, only purchasable at Sephora, meaning when this runs out, I will have to find an alternative (or make a speedy trip to Paris/America to pick many emergency ones) but until then, I will continue to use it daily with a smug air of happiness.

Katie x


  1. wow, this product looks amazing!

  2. Every beauty guru has raved about this product but I still haven't tried it! I might have too see if I can order this online because I live in the UK!
    Aleeha from HALE, xXx

    1. So do I-isnt it such a pain that we don't have sephora? luckily my friend got it for me when she was in LA!x


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