London Adventure #2

Around about this time last year, I and two friends went to London for a couple of nights and, as a way to fill out extensive holidays, we carried out the same adventure this year.
It was a bloody full few days and, as I write this it is 20:15 on the day I returned and I am already bathed and in my pyjamas, which, even for me, is early.
I hope to write as little as possible and just show you a little selection of the photos I took and the places we visited.

Day 1:  

- Train from Newcastle to Kings Cross
- Hit up Oxford street and Carnaby Street (majorly bad idea because a) we all had super heavy rucksacks and b) I was introduced to Brandy Melville)
- ate noodles and winced and the extortionate prices (very different to Newcastle)
- Went to Greenwich park in the evening, to see my favourite view over London 

Day 2:

- Tube up to Camden market (but more specifically, Camden Lock which is way cooler and less touristy than the rest of Camden-its one of our favourites-I'd recommend checking out the stalls for lunch)
- Covent Garden
- Walked up through Soho (via Brandy Meville because c'mon, priorities)
- Went to Hyde Park and walked past Buckingham palace down to Westminster 
- Stopped for a desperate chocolate break at "Look mum no hands" and ate the most expensive but amazing raspberry brownie
- dressed in our 'jazzy trousers' to chill out when we got back

Day 3:

- Travelled to Shoreditch
- admired street art
- Found the infamous bagel shop
- explored Brick lane (the coolest place ever)
- checked out Spitalfields (cool but very full of bankers in swish suits eating street food-an awkward scenario to negotiate with 3 bags on your back)
- nearly cried with pain
-lay on the floor of Kings Cross for 2 hours because we were so exhausted
- got a very amusing train home

Too many photos? I think so, I'm sorry but I needed somewhere to share them.
I love love love London, its madness and chaos and quirks, I could have spent the rest of my holiday there.
Hey ho, on to the next adventure.,.
Katie x


  1. It looks like you had a great time in London!

  2. I want to visit Camden SO MUCH! <3
    Love Vicki |

  3. Beautiful photos! Oxford street is one of my favourite places to shop... although it can get very crowded!
    Aleeha from HALE, xXx

    1. I wouldn't say it's my favourite-agreed it has wonderful shops but I prefer carnaby street as it's just so much quieter!!xx

  4. I fell in love with London when I visited 2 years ago. Cant wait to go back!
    Stay fabulous x,
    Y //

    1. Isnt it such a beautiful city-one of my favourite places!x


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