Short Hair

For what feels like forever, I have been toying with the idea of getting my hair cut short. 
Okay, this isn't short but compared to the scraggly metres of locks I had before, this is drastic.
So am I loving it?
Currently, not really. I think it makes me look annoyingly young and my head look out of proportionally huge, but I think I will grow to appreciate the shorter look.
So, here are 5 great things about having short hair:
1) It doesn't get in your food when you eat (gross but a true problem of having long hair)
2) It takes half the time to wash, dry (who has time to dry their hair?) and straighten 
3) It's a change and change is good
4) My hair is no longer a mass of split ends and is actually healthy
5) I can still do plaits  
Alas, it is a trivial matter, after all it is dead and will inevitably grow back (those two factors don't really go hand in hand).
Do you prefer having long or short hair?
Katie x
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  1. I'm a lover of short hair, it's a lot easier to maintain and suits me better. Don't worry you'll get used to it and learn to love it. Because like you said- change is good.

    1. That's what I've found-takes minutes to dry and brushing is so much easier! Thanks, I've started to love it now! X

  2. To be honest... when I have short hair, I want long hair and when I have long hair, I want short hair so I guess it'll never work out well for me!
    I recently had my hair cut and wow... washing my hair is soooo much easier! I still hate doing it though!
    Aleeha xXx

    1. i definitely agree-I always find new things that I can do with short hair that I couldn't do with long and vice versa!
      Im with it on the washing!x


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