01-01-16//After a job interview that left me in tears, a fun flute choir session at the Sage, Gateshead


 03-01-16//Funky trousers that brightened my day up

04-01-16//Cinnamon bagel and tea after getting mock results

05-02-16//It was friday, the sun was shining brightly, I was wearing no makeup and I got a letter from Alice. As you can tell, I was happy.

06-02-16//Lunch (that purple stafff is beetroot humous)

07-01-16//Des promenades avec mon chien

08-02-16// THIS PHOTO IS HORRIFIC IM SORRY (its supposed to be the lights on the quayside)
 09-01-16//My sisters bday

10-01-16//These flowers always make me smile as I walk out the door


12-01-16//Ignore the dirty windows omg

13-02-16//New trousers

14-02-16//The beach

 17-02-16//I dressed up as a star for a fancy dress party, unfortunately I missed the copious amounts of glitter I used. I painted yellow stars on my legs with acrylic paint, wore a pink sparkley dress and drowned my facial features in iridescent sparkles.

18-02-16//Fresh walks on the beach

19-02-16//A delicious lunch with Alice


21-02-16//A picnic on a walk


23-02-16//Late winter evening

24-02-16//Quotes in my diary

25-02-16//If I ever can't find something to photograph, I choose my window



28-02-16//The BEST breakfast

29-02-16//Unfortunately, I would have been happier without this extra day. But, a typical evening treat.

Another month fini, where is it going,
February, upon reflection, has been quite a trial but I am looking forward, although I am not really sure that's what I want to be doing.

-Pleasing mock results
-Drastic haircut
-Meeting new friends
-Fancy dress party
-Seeing the author of one of our English texts, we thought it was going to be a bit of a pisstake as we hate the text but it was really informative
-Spending the day under duvets with my pals
-Getting back into running (kinda)

-The Road to Wigan Pier-George Orwell
-I am Malala, Malala Yousafzai
(neither yet finished)

Have a good March,
Katie x



  1. I love these posts, you inspired me to make my own. The picture of your dog looking out the window is adorable.
    Blog: Sundaysaresunny.com

  2. Beautiful pictures! I really want a bagel now... instead I have to go to school!
    Aleeha xXx


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