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A Floral Wonderland by Cameo The Label:                          

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of literature:

Lee Miller in Hitler's Bathtub 1945:
From my first time reading it, this quote has stuck with me...:

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If you were to sum me up from this post, you would infer that I dream of lazy days charmed with adolescent youth, am a true fan of florals dashed with pastel tones, hope of (in a less morbid way than it sounds) escaping me and finding the 'joie de vivre' and just really bloody love F. Scott Fitzgerald. 

I suppose this is all true.
The picture of the lady in the bath is from an exhibition I went to see at the Imperial War museum not too long ago. Lee Miller's 'A Woman's War' and basically she is sitting in Hitlers bath, just hours after he committed suicide. It is highly staged and speaks a thousand words. 

I adore Pinterest and, as my idol (F.S.F) so eloquently put, you discover your longings and fears are universal. If anyone fancies following me, you can find my page here although I would say, look at my likes rather than my pins, they are far more interesting. 

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I am doing an EPQ  (extended project qualification-qualifies as half an A-level, an additional qualification thats kinda like a basic Masters) into the mind frame of the perpetrators of the Holocaust. I have a questionnaire that I am using to gather primary research-if you were interested you could fill it out (find it here)-it would be super helpful. I know its quite wordy and they are tough questions but it would be really useful!


  1. Awh, I love this post! It's nice to see a Pinterest version of the usual Instagram post!
    Aleeha xXx


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