Last night, I returned from 10 days in Tuscany, Italy with my fam.
It was the most relaxing, warm, happy, enjoyable holiday.
We ate endless amounts of ice cream and sunbathed under the sun and swam and explored medieval towns and churches and read all day long and got to know the family who owned the apartment and tried to speak Italian.
But in practise it isn't that similar to French so I was limited to Ciao.
I will write a thoughtsy post about feelings/ideas/mind post about how I felt (because getting that kinda stuff down in words means it isn't flying around my brain and clogging it up-amirite?)-finding peace and serenity and escape- but for now, I will leave you with too many photos.
Because when do I not do that?


  1. These photos are amazing! You weren't anywhere near the earthquake right?!
    Aleeha xXx

    1. We were actually quite close but luckily left the night before it happened!
      Thank you :)

  2. Quite lucky then!
    I nominated you for the Liebster award!


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