Questions that I want answers to

Long time no see, eh?
I have had many thoughts and emotions about the past weeks political developments. I want answers, I'm not American but these changes shape and affect the world we all live in and our future.

1. Does Democracy actually work? Does it need to be reinvented to fit our post-modern society?
2. Is Trump the final product of a free market, capitalist, globalised, commercialised society?
3. What next?
4. How has the establishment, twice in one year, misread the desires of the people to such a degree that totally unprecedented, unprepared changes hit them in the face?
5. Would the UK have chosen Brexit if this had happened prior? We now stand alone and isolated, surely Cameron could have timed it all better?
6. How can/why do people support a misogynistic, xenophobic, racist, repulsive, demeaning person and put trust in them to lead 'the Free World'?
7. What can we do in the rise of the Far Right? France, Netherlands and Germany all have elections in the next 12 months and the Right are gaining massive support.
8. Will it be as bad as we think?

I am studying the role of the perpetrators in the Holocaust for my history coursework and looking at different interpretations. One, Daniel Goldhagen, suggests that Germany was wrought with a 'different kind of anti-Semitism', the people genuinely believed in what they were doing. Does this have relevance to point 6?
And don't get me started on Nigel Farage.


  1. -biggest sigh ever- i don't know what's going on. seeing this happen has been hard. you think the world is moving on from all this racism and sexism and xenophobia and homophobia etc. and all of a sudden this happens!!!!!!!! it's heartbreaking really, i'm scared for what's to come.

    1. gahd, I hope you're all okay, we can all get through it. I don't know I want to know how and why and I don't think anyone knows-we were so far forward but are taking so many steps back. Lotsa love nd thoughts to you all!!!

  2. i feel so bad for us all. it just shows how little they care about anyone who isn't a white, straight cis, middle/upper class, able bodied MALE. for me, though. in some ways it helps. it helps how america/uk has finally been revealed. like, they can't behind saying "we're a melting pot" "a diverse country" or whatever they say. it's all on show and you can't hide. and the worse it gets, the angrier people will get and i feel that it will fuel a real revolt (or something like that). but yeah, i'm so upset and scared for everyone, but at the same time, we can't dwell on it to the point of self destruction.

    1. such positive/forward thinking-I agree, a large proportion of THE PEOPLE see this as being wrong and want change, want to carry on moving forward-surely this can only be a good thing, we are the ones that can keep the leading democracies traveling in the right direction. It will be okay in the end, we just need to work together

  3. number 5... hmmm yeah
    Aleeha xXx

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