I need to write to free myself but my mind won't flow and my fingers won't work. To receive self-validation I need to create and think and inspire but its not happening.
I have so many thoughts but can't tussle with their transient threads.
I can't think of words or topics or opinion.
I feel trapped and the only vice to escape this entrapment is the one I am trapped from.
How do I get out this funk?


  1. for me, i always just keep writing. it's annoying to write/post something i'm not completely fond of, but at least i'm still getting my brain going. eventually, my writers block disappears and i start developing ideas again. hopefully this funk of yours goes away soon!!!

    1. yesss such good advice-school takes away any time to write/energy but I need to make myself to do it to achieve the ultimate goal of inspiration!! thanks gal

  2. It's so hard to do anything when you're in a creative rut! Especially when theres so much revision and school work to do.. Think it's so important to carry on though and not give up, you'll be out of it in no time!


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