March musing

It was so bright and fresh this morning and, as I walked to school with 'Guilty Feminist' playing in my ears my chest felt light with excitement and hope. The beginnings of spring warmth were soaking through my skin and my mood was just so happy.
It was quickly dampened by a shitty lesson of Romantic Poetry, however.
I've been feeling unprecedented self-acceptance recently and wore an outfit I felt kinda killer in.
Both the skirt and jumper are recent purchases from Topshop which plays on my ethical conscience but in the hierarchy of factors my turbulent mind could deal with, something had to slip.
After a euphoric half-term that felt, frankly, like another world, the return to school has been passable. Its stressful and exhausting but also comfortable and enjoyable. There's the usual gossip and I see my friends without having to organise a group outing. I'm desperate to escape to uni in September but am committing to my Gap Year with the intention to build on self-discovery and earn some dolla so I can live on more than just beans. I'm worried I won't have the drive to study that I do now but understand that if that's the case, then HE isn't for me. And that's okay.
Coursework deadlines are looming and the exam countdown has begun, the end is looming fearfully near.
My mind feels foggy with the fatigue that has become synonymous with school but I'm hoping a bath and sleep will provide a temporary cure.

I hope you're all having good weeks, what's an outfit you feel ace in?


  1. Aw I loved this update it's so cute! And your outfit is superb and I get what you mean about your conscience, I tend to have that feeling when I'm adding things into my cart haha! I cannot WAIT for school to just be over it's so stressful haha x

  2. You're so cute!!!! And this outfit is so cute!!!! Currently where I live, the sun isn't shining as much and the cold wind is winning. I miss the sun and the real warmth it brings, I can't wait for summer (or at least spring).

    1. thank you!!!! Haha it wasn't really warm (mebs like 6 degrees) but so delightfully spring-like!! hope you get some sun soon

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