Some nourishment

This week is going down with the shittest. School thought it was a good idea to do another round of mocks but after school this time. So after a day of stress, revision and lessons, we have a 2.5 hour exam. And then coursework deadlines (x2), the geography coursework booklet coming in and revision for actual exams that actually matter.
I'm so unbelievably tired and lost and its only day 1.
SO here are some things getting me through.

1. Twirls/Wispas/any chocolate (in copious amounts)
2. Wearing no makeup
3. Letters from lovely people
4. Songs: Santa Monica Dream, Angus and Julia Stone//Southern Jukebox Music, Penguin Cafe Orchestra//Bon Iver, Lump Sum
5. Guilty Feminist, Stereotypes episode
6. The unbelievably cute and enthusiastic kids at work (not the ones that fall asleep)
7. Anything that Noor Unnahar writes (I'd recommend her instagram)
8. This post from Messy Heads (which is becoming my bible, I wish it didn't cost the same price to ship it to the UK as it does to buy the actually mag)
9. And this post 
10. Wanderlust about travelling around my beloved continent 
11. Exposure by Helen Dunmore (I adore spy/historical books and this is that, its a nice break in the 10 mins before I fall asleep at night)

There is so much political anger in me, all the sentiments of June 23rd are coming back. But for now, enjoy the above. 


  1. dude i feel u, we have our midterms, which are exams in the middle of the semester so i'm deeeeeead. chocolate is the best reliever man. and i'd so be down to send u a letter!!!! keep your head up tho, it gets smoother :-)

    1. Ahh i hope they went okay!! I'm literally eating my body weight in chocolate, good for the mind. Yess!! I'd love to send letters!!! thanks gal, counting down until summer x

  2. english lit coursework is killing me right now, I cannot even deal- i know how you's just the idea that it'll all be over soon that's keeping me going (even though I'm only in year 12) Chocolate and a bare face = necessities.

    Dalal //

    1. Hope its going okay, year 12 is agony but 13 is hell (sorry!!) dream of summer!!x


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