Changing times

**this is heavily opinionated lol**
An irrelevant picture but maybe some calmness?

This week, the Lords passed through the Brexit bill, article 50 will be signed in 14 days (apparently but does anyone really have a fucking plan?) and that begins the process that should take 2 years.
But this was never supposed to happen, never expected to happen so it's all just guess work.
But I have come to the realisation that the world of my future will be no correlation to the one I grew up in.
The freedom of passing borders with no control, free trade, close companionship with those just across the channel, it feels like it may have all disintegrated by the end of my adolescence.
A union that essentially began as a peace treaty after the atrocities we all witnessed in the 20th century and one of the fundamental building blocks is mindlessly pulling out. I know this isn't new news but its resurfaced in my peripheral since the rise of Scottish nationalism (independence?). Hell, by the time I am 25, we may not even be a United Kingdom of 4 nations, just divided England floating alone.
It's kind of difficult to comprehend that something that has been so fundamental in my youth may have changed. Even reminiscing to 12 months ago, the politics are unrecognisable. It feels like we are truly entering the Brave New World.
I'm scared that I'll never have the opportunity to explore Europe with the freedom I currently take for granted and that I'll never fulfil my dream of living abroad, escaping this confining British identity***. And there's such uncertainty, no one expected this to happen, the referendum came about as a result of a throw-away election promise and it ended up with this. The leaders have abandoned ship and we are headlessly sinking.

These are just thoughts in this politically charged climate.
I am also furious about education, arbitrary cuts (meaning Secondary schools could lose up to 6 teachers) and being in a failing comprehensive, the heart of the education system, this would be an absolute bloody disaster. My friends and I repeatedly say they are making changes to education without consulting those who are actually experiencing it. Surely us, as 17-18 year olds know what works and what doesn't, have relevant experience that may actually do some good.
Finally, George Osbourne. And his £650,000 salary for 1 day of work a week. Along with numerous other jobs. And being a back-bench MP (supposedly a full time job). Since writing this, Osborne has been made editor of the London Standard. A full-time job (for which he has no experience) but doesn't he have the privilege of representing the people in parliament? Isn't that a full-time job?
If our country is run by greedy, disillusioned men (not actually true but I'm not much of a fan of Theresa the Appeaser either) what hope do we have?
I'm terrified about the state of this world but also kind of sadistically intrigued to see how it will all pan out.

*** i know these are minor problems lol


  1. This perfectly sums up my feelings - it's a daunting concept that no one expected this to happen, so consequently no one knows what to do now, it's all just guess work! I feel so out of control of the whole situation and it's really frustrating having other people basically decide the future: you said things like travelling and moving out of the UK, things that as British teens we have kind of grown up taking for granted, might now be taken out of our reach, that's scary! My main concern is that the aftermath of triggering Article 50 will impact us, as the younger generation, the most, yet we were not given the opportunity to vote for this. I know exactly what you're feeling :/ Mia x

    1. yes!!! we are the one's who live with the consequences yet had no say on our future??!!x

  2. pfff the education system is so fucked up!! It angers me so much because it is so tailored to one specific type of person, people aren't faring well, yet they continue to make exam pressures/ work loads harder. Can't deal with Brexit either, it makes me annoyed how a lot of those who did vote brexit, have now realised the consequences, but it's too late:( Just gotta hope our generation can save the day ahah x x

    1. i feel ya, hahaha yes we've gotta clear up all the mess x


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