summer stuff

Cloudy head, cloudy skies.

I need to write, I need to draw, I need to create–but there's a wall barricading the path of my thoughts.
Maybe its last nights jagerbombs messing with my mind, or maybe its just the exhausting difficulty of this past week.
I have this internal excitement and drive to do so many things but when they materialise, they don't provide the entertainment I was hoping.
Alas I will...
fuck I can't think of my words.
Definitely the jager.
Alas I will persevere (honestly had to stare out my window for a good 5 thinking of that word) and hope that I can begin to find myself again. I must be in there somewhere.
I have this reoccurring amazement that I have no responsibilities or nothing that needs to be done (which is false glory because there's fucking loads I need to do) so here's a list of some summa things i'm gonna do.

1. Read
My current list: Stasiland, The Siege (yeh history fanatic coming through), Small Great Things, a Shakespeare (currently undecided, has to be a tragedy but its got a lot to live up to after Othello)
2. Watch
Current list; Summer Heights High (Interrail got us all obsessed with Mr G/Chris Lilley again lol), Handmaids Tale (got half way through but wasn't really the exam entertainment required), Moonlight, Dunkirk, some Anime–any more suggestions welcome
3. Journal
4. Redecorate my room
5. Write
6. Research uni courses (avoidance is key here)
7. Research gap year shit (jobs, French options, volunteering, travel options)
8. Start exercising again (A-levels ruined that one)
9. Letters
10. Network w bloggers (vom vom vom at the word 'network')
11. Find new musique

also I went to London a la weekend and stumbled across the above shop. I was having the shittest day ever and this was a paradisiacal haven. It smelt divine and was so soothing. As a birthday pres, I brought the above home (a lil difficult on a 3 hour train)

I now need to shower, eat, list, tidy and get on with ma day. None of the above is ever going to get done but a gal can hope.


  1. the shop looks amazing! i recently got my first cactus and am debating on a name (frances or arthur) yay for focusing on things you want to do and not things you have to do! (or at least trying to)

    1. oo i haven't named mine yet–you will end up with a mega collection, they're so addictive. Yesss, some freedom ! x

  2. I need to do a to do list, it feels like summers going so fast but I still have so much to do! Also love the look of the shop! x

    1. YESS only just dawned on me the friggin speed with which is disappearing!!!x

  3. Finish the Handmaids Tale it is honestly the most amazing TV adaptation of a book that I've seen in a while. Had me in tears nearly every episode. Cute post!!! Xx

    1. I need to!! might watch it on the train tomorrow-the perfect excuse :) xx

  4. Yup same, haha GCSE's ruined my exercising plans!
    Aleeha xXx


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