I took today off, an announcement that elicited all forms of "what the fuck, you?" to "i'm proud of u", which perhaps embodies my approach to Oxford and to life.
But it's been bliss and I think, really, I just wished to document the beauty of friendship.
Friends that message you, bring you care packages of flowers, and dark chocolate, and tea, that take you out for cake, buy you cocktails, stroke your hair, hold you when you cry into your lunch because a petty misunderstanding triggered the descent.
I am blessed.
Last week, I walked into the kitchen sweating and announced that I had had a quasi-religious experience with nature. I had been on a run that had taken me along country lanes, through parks, through the city centre, along a canal. I'd seen ducklings, deer, sunsets.
And I just thought, the whole way round:
I am the luckiest person alive.
And there are moments when it feels ceaseless and relentless, and futile. When you realise its pointless, that 8 hours in the library isn't going to change the world.
That I'm paying £70,000 to read.
But there are moments, so many moments, when I am consumed by an inexplicable awe.
And really, I just feel so fucking lucky to have friends to catch you when you're falling, reach out when you're disappearing, who lessen the burden.
Who make you laugh, cry with you, hug you, give you reason and purpose, tell you it'll be okay, and that they're right there.
Next time I'm disappearing in my work, plugging the holes with work to make the internal voices a bit quieter, when I feel like I can't do it, feel so unbelievably stupid and academically inferior, I'll take myself to the meadows at sunset to be marvelled by nature, or think of candlelit cocktails, or tea with friends.

(i really feel like i can't fukin right at the moment, i have so many draft posts and nothing i write is!! right!! so this is really just something to ease me in!! peace!!)


  1. This is really beautiful Katie!!! I think around this time of year, grounding is a really big part of life at the moment - of healing, closing wounds (whether big or small), and figuring out energies that suit us and energies that don't. And being in nature is a really big part of this transitional period, for me anyway!! I've been craaaving to escape to the woods/the forest, and just might this weekend!! But yes, the feeling of having friends that just make you FEEL that thing in your heart and literally light up your insides is the best feeling ever. (I got flaked on by two of my friends, on separate occasions, for these events I had free tickets for, and I ended up asking other friends to go with me, on short notice, and I ended up having the most amazing time both times, with friends that, while they weren't my "first choice", actually made me feel the best I'd ever felt in a while, and I was like, WOW, friendship. I just felt so lucky to be surrounded by the people I am, and that even when I feel lonely or that nobody wants to be around me, there are magical gems right in front of me. A beautiful thannggg. <3

  2. Ah nature is the best, I love forgetting about life stresses and just taking in the natural beauty that surrounds me, there's nothing more humbling.

    I'm in a state of writing block too, I sometimes look at my posts and think I must of just mashed my keys for the last twenty minutes, but damn it felt good.

    Louise x

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