Prom 2015

Prepare yourselves, this is a long 'un...

As part of our end of year celebrations, we had a Year 11 leavers prom last week and it was an incredible night, so much fun and spent with my favourite people.
After planning to spend a good few hours get ready, we ended up being slightly flustered after a few minor crisis' so planned to take more 'getting ready' photos but we didn't have time, plus it was rather rainy outside which upset me because a) the lighting was horrendous and b) I really wanted to take some picturesque photos in the garden, but oh well.
We did go to my friends before hand however to take group photos and also to all meet before the taxi picked us up.

The night was filled with an extreme amount of dancing in rather uncomfortable shoes, a lot of singing, hugging and photo taking but it was all so much fun. It was both so odd and lovely to see everyone dressed up and it just felt so warm and loving that everyone was complimenting each other and hugging and taking photos and it felt like such a special way to end the year and say farewell to some incredible friends.

Dress: Miss Guided
Shoes: Next
Clutch: Accessorize
Earrings: Accessorize
Ring: Accessorize

Makeup inc.: Bourjois healthy Mix, Rimmel Wakeup concealer, Benefit highbeam highlighter, Urban Decay primer potion, Urban decay Naked 1, Urban Decay Naked Basics, Rimmel Brown eyeliner, Maybelline lash sensational mascara, Mac Peach Blossom

I decided to do my hair myself (partly due to my lack of organisation) but I did get it cut on the day and then just plaited it myself-I actually recieved a lot of compliments on it which I was very happy about. It was the same with my make up (I did it myself) as I don't really like others doing my makeup and I can get the desired look. While initially having reservations about my Miss Guided dress, I was so pleased with it. I was worried it would look plain/cheap but I thought it looked neither and, after getting it altered, it fitted perfectly. I did have to go bra-less as my dress is completely backless (with just two simple ties-a little risque) which felt a little weird at first but was fine when I got used to it.

For my recollection; Favourite parts:
♥ seeing everyone dressed up for the first time
♥ taking photos before hand with my absolute closest friends
♥ receiving and giving compliments
♥ talking to the teachers
♥ hugging old friends
♥ dancing with my friends, especially Stella (if you're reading this-I had so much bladdy fun)
♥ when we requested our group song for one of our friends and all sang together
♥ watching a dance off between teachers
♥ taking photos in the photobooth

I wish I could go back and do it again but at least I have some lovely photos to look through.
If you have a prom coming up, enjoy it and remember to take lots of photos!

Sorry this post is very picture and text heavy.
Katie x

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  1. Ahhh you look stunning! Your dress is crazily similar to my formal dress [swear we are living almost identical lives hahahaha] !! Love it gurl xx

  2. You look so tall and elegant, I love your dress! You look amazing!!x

  3. You look gorgeous! That dress is stunning!
    Aleeha xXx


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