Edinburgh 2015

My final summer adventure consisted of a rather complicated train journey up to Edinburgh to check out the Fringe Festival and simply explore. I was accompanied by my friend Maddie which was awesome as she lives in Oxford and we don't get to see each other very often.
We pre-booked 2 festival events and decided we would spend the rest walking around, eating and soaking up the atmosphere.

Another lifestyle post, far too long with far too many photos however I wanted to include our itinery simply for my future recollection.
1) We walked around Edinburgh in the rain looking for a cafe, ending up in the New Town, far too hungry.
2) Ate cake and drank 'boutique' tea at Eteaket where the tea was unusual but delicious, the interior cool and minimal and the cakes, expensive, a little too sweet and tasting slightly of the plastic dome-sorry I am a cake critic.
3) Walked through the New Town to George Street to see a photography exhibition-good but the photos were a little too small
4) Wandered round, popped into Zara (heavenly) and explored
5) Walked to George Square-fantastic food stalls, an amazing vibe and very photogenic.
6) Watched Best of The Fest which was amusing, horrifying (due to audience participation), and good  fun then ate the lunch we bought before from a Thai stall.
7) Went in the wackiest photobooth in an old caravan with mad props
8) Got expensive (it is a Capital city, what did I expect?) drinks from Peters Yard, a very suave Swedish cafe, minimalistic and all. I drank my 3rd coffee of the day-I don't normally drink coffee.
9) Went to the Fruitmarket Art Gallery by the station, the exhibition was awesome, kind of derelict and cumbersome but in a very beautiful, calming way-if that is possible. They also have a very good book shop.
10) Went to H&M because it is my new obsession then realised we were late and sprinted to the Assembly hall
11) Watched Traces which was AMAZING-kind of an amalgamation of acrobatics, dance, circus all in a modern, dark, edgy show-it was brilliant and well worth the slightly pricier ticket.
12) Bought food from Sainsbury then ran up the mound to watch the sun set and jumped on a bloody busy train back home.

Tips for first time Fringe Festival go-ers (like me)
- pack an umbrella/coat-its so unpredictable
- don't get overwhelmed by the fringe website-its manic, just pick a small selection of things you want to see
- don't over book-2-3 shows is more than enough for one day, otherwise it becomes hectic and exhausting
- Royal Mile is awesome during festival time, in a sort of tacky, touristy way-be sure to walk up it

Once again I have written too much but it feels wondrous to be back at my key board typing, after failing my 'summer blogging goals'.
Have you been to Edinburgh festival?
Katie x
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  1. First of - I really love your blog banner! It's so cute, especially the flowers.

    I've never been to any music festivals, but they always seem so fun! I think I'd go just for the fashion and amazing grounds.

    Those cakes look really good - pity they weren't up to par! I've only had afternoon tea a few times, but I love the whole experience, it's so relaxing and makes me feel very fancy haha!

    Angelina Is | Bloglovin'

    1. Thank you!!
      It isn't really a music festival-some music but more a mixture of everything-it's so cool!
      Ahh yes afternoon tea is the best!x

  2. Eteaket looks gorgeous, the food stalls also look so fun - I'd love to visit Edinburgh one day! Lovely photos ♥

    Edie x

    1. It's a lovely city just to explore-hope you get round to going one day!x

  3. wow! It looks like you had a super busy and fun time! Great photos as well :)


  4. Wow, amazing photos! Haha, in the UK it can go from sunny to rainy within minutes!
    Aleeha xXx


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